The flies have given their seal of approval to the new tack room siding. They just love sitting in the warm sun, soaking up the rays. It’s nice fly season is winding down and we can wave goodbye to them all soon.

Deb and Brianna came out this morning. Deb got a lot more evaluations done and Brianna did the paperwork involved. Here is Deb riding Checkers. Check out our Available page soon for the updated information.

The original fence that was up when Norcal started the free lease was about 50′ on the wrong side of the actual property line it seemed. So, finally, we found a great surveying company to come out and get it surveyed. They were 81% cheaper than anyone else, thanks for giving us such a great deal Sierra West!

The corners were established, stakes driven, and sure enough, we have an extra 1.3 acres that was fenced off, and the new fencing is going up very soon which will give the horses a lot more room.

The surveyors had a visit with one of the old senior horses before they left.

Tawnee and Brianna had a chance to work on the twine ball, it just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

…so Jason hauled it over to the scale and it’s 29 lbs now! Tawnee enjoyed photoshopping the smiley face on the big ball. It just had to have one!

Skelter decided the best place to lay was right in the middle of the food. No way does she want anyone else eating her pile. It’s nice to see the horses relaxed and full enough to sleep in the hay instead of just eating as much as they can like they do when they first come.

Hope is doing great and is settling in nicely.

We got some pictures from her rescuer who surrendered her to us. This photo was taken August 25th. Hope has come a long ways, if she had not been rescued she no doubt would be dead now, thank you so much for saving her!
We still need a few more dollars to finish up the auction fundraising goal! Thank you for spreading the word.

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