Thanks to your generosity more funds were donated today to save horess from slaughter and we only have $280 left to go. We’re confident that it can be finished by tomorrow’s blog! But, only you can make that happen.

The downturn in the economy sure is affecting a lot of equine owners. A lot of people are simply unable to financially afford to care for all the equines they currently own. The price of hay keeps going up, and with all the other expenses involved, people are having to give up their beloved pets. We are really concerned about what will happen to the horse community at large this winter with the projected prices of hay, the number of people that are teetering on the verge of losing their homes, etc. The killer buyers are definitely sitting back in glee as they can get horses for free all over the place.

Such is the case with Gregster, his adoptive family already had two horses when they adopted him, and with the cost of feed they cannot afford to keep him over the coming winter months, so they brought him back today.

Fortunately we already had a great home lined up for him. One of our board of directors, Claire, fell in love with this guy when she first met him and if he was to ever become available she was first in line. We know he’s got a forever home with Claire! Claire never lets her babies go. In this case the problem was solved quickly, but how will it turn out for the dozens of other horses that are needing homes on a weekly basis? We’ve heard that over 400 horses are leaving northern Ca a month on slaughter trucks, and as more and more people are forced to give up thier beloved pets, the numbers can only rise unless something is done to prevent a barbaric and cruel ending. Thanks for giving Gregster a great home Claire!

Annette and Kimmy volunteered and got a lot done today. Stalls were cleaned, horses were loved on, they were overall quite helpful!

Annette is getting some big muscles working so hard here moving piles of manure around!

Wal-Mart gave us a call today to let us know they had a ton of feed for the rescue. Turned out to be 3 carts loaded to disastrous proportions! It took quite awhile unloading it all into the truck but finally…

…it was all in there. It literally filled up the back of the pickup. Thank you so much Wal-Mart for donating your broken bags of feed.

Then it was off to Home Depot to get some paint for the tack room. Tawnee picked out the color, they mixed it up, and away she went. Our plan is the tack room will be white with forest green trim.

Tawnee arrived back and sure enough, faithful Ann Marie was spending more time with Sierra and Christopher. We sure do appreciate her dedication in working with them.

We would like to share with you one of the beautiful cards that we received recently, this one came in today. We are planning on posting some of the beautiful cards we receive on the blog so you can enjoy them too! We especially love the ones where little kids draw pictures of horses and send them in. We don’t want to be selfish anymore and keep the cards and pictures to ourselves, you to can enjoy them.

And now a couple new features we would like you to learn about that can help you keep track of what your favorite horse rescue is doing even easier.

Tawnee logged in to upload the pictures onto blogger, but she got sidetracked. There in big bold letters was the announcement “You have 1 follower!” Of course Tawnee had to investigate. Our blog gets about 500 readers a day, so Tawnee knew there had to be more than 1 follower out there. Followers are a new feature of Blogger, so it would be great if you signed up too. Click here to follow our blog. If the link doesn’t work, go to our Blog and push the “Follow this Blog” button.

On the blog homepage (www.savethehorse.blogspot.com) there is a subscribe button that will let you subscribe to our blog with many different mediums: Yahoo, Google, Rss, etc. Below is an idea of what iGoogle looks like with our blog attached to the bottom. Many people use Google as their homepage, if you do to you can easily read our blog every time you open your browser. Can’t get much easier than that!

Where was Jason today? Stuck entering hundreds of lines of financial data into the computer.

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