There is only $260 left to go for the auction fund, and only 4 days to do it in. We can do this no problem! But, it’ll only happen with your help.

First thing this morning Jason unloaded all the feed Wal-Mart donated out of the truck. It sure is nice having a great big tackroom / feedroom to put it in.

Brianna came out this morning and got working on the emails. We are, roughly, caught up. If you wanted a reply and didn’t get one, send us another one!

Tawnee loaded up Ranger and Aquarius for a trip to the vet. Tawnee then picked up Lallie, now called Mariah, to get her vaccinations at the vet. Her adopter wanted to get her vaccinations done, and since Tawnee was heading out there, it was no problem.

Some of the horses that are retired at Home at Last are still being sponsored through us, so Tawnee got some grain for the horses with the sponsorship funds for the horses at Home at Last. Donna from Home at Last was waiting by our rig at Tractor Supply, keeping the horses in the trailer company, so the food got loaded up in quick order. They have 38 horses right now and are unable to take any more unless horses have sponsorships. Thank you so much to the equine sponsors who have continued your sponsorship of the retired horses.

When Tawnee arrived at the vet the first priority was seeing Macho Man and seeing how he is doing. The vet says his surgery was successful, it’s hard to see with the bandage on but we are planning on bringing him back to the rescue this coming Monday.

Aquarius had some x-rays, and it was determined that he had bad hoof care and his hooves are in terrible shape, and that was what was causing his lameness, hopefully. The solution is padded shoes and 6-8 weeks of rest, at which time he will be re-assessed. There may possibly some navicular going on or ???

The vet did an assessment on Ranger to determine his quality of life, and her decision is what we knew in our hearts was the truth: Ranger was not going to get better. It has been a long, tough road for Ranger. When he came to us, he narrowly escaped being shot to death by coming here, but he had stringhalt in one leg. Thanks to your support we were able to have his surgery performed, which was over $500. He did fine for awhile, but then his stringhalt re-occurred in the same leg, and then in the other leg a few days later. Our vet believes he had some spinal nerve damage. We sure will miss this sweet guy, he sure made a special place in our hearts. We love you Ranger and will miss you!

After the vet visit was over, Tawnee said Goodbye to Macho Man, took Mariah back to her home and headed back to the rescue.

Meanwhile at the rescue, the sand for the round-pen and the first load of gravel was delivered. We are squeezing every donated dollar so hard they are starting to wilt, but there are some things that have to be done before winter hits. The $10,000 anonymous donation has been a God send getting the rescue ready for winter.

First the sand was poured out in the round pen. Now we have the tough job of spreading it out!

A short while later a load of gravel was delivered that will keep the horses and workers from sinking in the mud this winter. Last winter was not the most pleasant with the constant mud, and we are expecting to rescue far more horses this winter. Our rescue is located less than 4 miles from a major quarry, so sand and gravel is extremely economical. Thanks again for the anonymous gift to help improve the rescue.

When Tawnee arrived back at the rescue Brianna unloaded Aquarius and put him in his pen.

Ann Marie came out to visit Christopher and Sierra again this evening. Christopher is now eating grain right out of her hand. He’s become a carrot monster, he’ll do anything for a bite of juicy orange carrots.

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