We got a great update about Beauty today. “Beauty and Sinbad are friends even though Sinbad (20 years old), was cautious at first. The photo was taken today in their fly sheets, the others when she arrived. She is being handled frequently and wears a fly mask and sheet and now picks up her feet. When she and Sinbad completely trust each other we will begin ponying her. She loves oat hay.”

Here is a photo of when she arrived at her new home.

This is the photo that was sent today with their fly sheets on. Beauty is the horse in the background.

Only $210 left to go for the auction rescue fund! We are breathlessly waiting for when the thermometer is full of the green stuff.

Jason headed out today to check out some new hay, take some of it to the Gridley foster home, and visit the horses out there.

They have lots of different hay, we got a few grass/clover hay for $9.99 a bale, we are looking for hay to fill the new barn once it’s built.

Jason arrived at the foster home, and all the horses trotted across the field to visit with him. They were all wondering what kind of snacks they were going to get today!

This is two of the horses that were rescued from the junk yard a few weeks ago. They truly must think they are in horse heaven now!

Annette came out to get some more adoption applications done and file paperwork into its own special little space. Great work Annette, we appreciate your help!

And then it outside to spread some gravel. Claire came over to help, and with Annette, Kimmy and Tawnee they all put their backs into it. Jason was where?

Spreading sand in the round pen the old fashioned way: using the quad to spin it around!

Tawnee and the rest sat back to see if this was really going to work or not. The ethusiasm for moving gravel by hand was short lived. Jason hooked up the harrow…

…spun some more, poor guy would get stuck every once in awhile…

…and the end result was great! Yes it would have been quicker with the right tractor, but, it probably wouldn’t have been more fun. There is still a strange hump in the middle of the round pen, but with a bit more harrowing it’ll be great.

The horses all had to watch too to see what all the excitement was about.

The wind was howling and ripping around today. It definitely had manes and tails blowing in the wind, and the horses didn’t even have to gallop! The dust was a small problem, but thankfully we had the recent rain.

Towards sundown Jason realized that auction day is this Sunday and he had better get the running lights working on the stock trailer. They quit working, but thankfully it was a quick fix and the rescue rig lights up like a Christmas tree once again.

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