Yes, we all did it! The last needed funds, plus some, were donated today to save horses from the brutal trip to Mexico or Canada this Sunday! These funds will definitely be very beneficial in our efforts of saving lives as we have no way of knowing how much funds the tack will bring in. Thank you each and everyone that made this possible. You are truly horses hero’s.

Today was an office day, the wind was blowing cold outside and we’re still used to summer time, so it was a great day to stay inside.

Jason worked on getting grants submitted for various projects. Let us hope that the companies will feel drawn to support our rescue efforts.

Tawnee worked long and hard on an upcoming Euthanasia Clinic. What’s this you ask? Euthanasia clinic for horses? Click here to read about it, and why there is such a need. We are also planning a low-cost gelding clinic, that will probably be in the final planning stages next week. The basic plan is for horses to be able to be gelded for $25. Without excess breeding, hopefully the steady stream of foals and yearlings heading to the slaughter houses will dwindle and stop.

Ann Marie reports that Christopher and Sierra are doing very well. She is so faithful in coming out to spend time with them!

Thank you again so much for your generosity in saving horses lives. Don’t forget to stay up late on Sunday night to read the blog!

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