Today was a hugely successful auction rescue day, thanks to your generosity, but first of all…

The Euthanasia Clinic page is up and going. We would like to thank Jennifer G for kicking this off with a $250 pledge, to learn about the program click here. It is also on our home page, it is very easily accessible. We have had a lot of encouragement so far, even from unexpected sources, people are starting to realize the need is so great. It is the emotionally hardest program we have ever had to plan and launch, next to the Last Act of Kindness program, but we do whatever we can to prevent as many horses as we can from being slaughtered. Both of these programs in no way benefits killer buyers, read on to see how we are hurting their dirty business.

Today started off with Jason loading the last of the big items. Deb was the real trooper today, she had to get up at 5:00 am to get down to the rescue in time to head off with Tawnee. Yes our day started before the sun was up. We had to sort and load the last of the tack, Cathy had taken most of the tack down already.

Once down there it was push and shove race against the clock, we only had 10 minutes until the cutoff to sell tack. But we made it!

The tack sale has never been more interesting for Tawnee. Not sure if Deb, Becky and Brianna were enjoying it or not, Tawnee just loved watching donated tack items get bid up, meaning more horses could be saved.

The total for the donated tack as $1813.12, with the donated funds Tawnee had $5,423 to work with for the purchase and care of the horses there! We were a little surprised to see how much tack money was brought in, almost $2,000! Thank you NER friends for coming and buying so much of the tack.

There were 46 horses ran through, 21 were bought directly by us and 4 others were purchased by our pre-approved adopters who wanted the joy of rescuing directly from the auction.

There was a newspaper interviewer there today as well doing an article on how the economy is affecting horses. Tawnee was followed around off and on with camera’s and microphones humming away at her.

After the auction Tawnee was looking around trying to see if any of the kb’s were loading up horses, and the only one she could spot was this great big off the track TB. With a little bargaining with the kb, this big guy was unloaded from the kb’s trailer into the safety of Norcal’s trailer. Yes that horse really does have 3 saddles on its back. Several of the regular kb’s did not attend today, they must have decided they did not want to drive that long distance just to drive home with empty trailers! Score one for the rescues! As best as we could tell not 1 horse went to a kb today. Horses traders purchased a few, but the known kb’s did not purchase any.

We have officially rescued 303 horses this year alone! We are 6 horses shy of rescuing 700 since our organization started. All this is only possible because you are willing to step forward and make a financial contribution to save lives!

During the horse auction Deb and Misty, who adopted Regal, were sorting all of Norcal’s horses into pens so we didn’t have to do it after the sale.

The new halters were so nice to have at the auction!

Some of the horses waiting to be loaded.

This poor little guy doesn’t seem to be doing so well. Becky is doing what she can to make him happy!

We also did our first ever “Stallion rescue.” No it’s not the first time we have rescued a stallion from an auction, but we wanted to make sure the stallions did not head out to slaughter or back yard breeding. Month after month we have stepped back from rescuing stallions as we are not set up for stallions. Last month there was a beautiful Paint stallion, he seemed so scared and bewildered, it wrenched Tawnee’s heart out to watch a kb chase him out of his pen and down to his waiting trailer. We are not set up to care for stallions long term, but we are doing the most merciful thing we can for them, placing them immediately into the Last Act of Kindness program. If anyone is interested in adopting one as a gelding, please let us know immediately. Below is a picture of one of the stallions.

The horses were definitely happy to be rescued, just couldn’t smile big enough!

Then we checked the horses out of the auction yard.

Loaded some of them into a volunteers trailer. Quincy Stables volunteered to transport some of the horses to the rescue as we are on their way. Thanks Quincy Stables!

We had to leave 6 horses down there as there just wasn’t room in the trailer. We will get them as soon as possible! Thank you Roseville Livestock Auction for donating their stay.

It was long after dark when Tawnee and Deb got back to the rescue.

The horses were so glad to get out of the trailer.

For their safety, and the safety of the other horses, we chose to leave the stallions in our giant trailer, each having their own open stall. They have clean water and food, they’re happy as can be. Stallions can be very dangerous, particularly in the dark with 60 new horses to want to play with.

Quincy Stables arrived just as we got the stallions bedded down.

The new horses were excitedly waiting to see who was coming out of the trailer next.

Out they came.

The horses were very happy to reunite with their new friends. Horses can bond very quickly in stressful situations, relying on each other for comfort and emotional support.

Finally everyone was ready for their first quiet night at the rescue.

Thank you so much again for providing the financial means to rescue these 21 sweet horses this month. Only with your help was this possible!

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