Imagine our surprise this morning to suddenly start receiving about 3x the normal volume of interest in our rescue programs along with a stead stream of clinic pledges. With a bit of research we discovered we were front page on Fugly Horse of the Day in a good way! Thanks Fugly for spreading the word. Click here to read the blog post “And a rescue steps up to the plate!”
The Euthanasia clinic received an amazing $2420 in donations and pledges today. There went all our plans for fundraising for it, now it’s a matter of advertising it and getting the ball rolling. Thank you so much for spreading the word and a special thanks again to Fugly. The support and donations have been so overwhelming that we have raised our goal from the initial 25 to 50. The response we have been receiving has been overwhelmingly supportive, there have been a couple responses that look on the doom and gloom, but everyone else understands the great need. We’ve been receiving emails from horse rescues nation wide interested in starting their own euthanasia clinics and asking for advice. Tawnee also did an interview with a major horse magazine who called us to ask about the euthanasia clinic. Overall it was a very exciting and overwhelming day. Thank you all for your pledges and donations!

We also received a donation of $1,000 to the gelding clinic which puts that clinic at $1250. We had already received $250 from Jennifer G to kick off the gelding clinic. Our webmasters have to get busy and get the gelding clinic on the website!

Jason headed out to get the horses left at the auction.

As Jason was not at the auction he had no idea which ones we rescued so he relied on the workers to get the right horses coming down the isle and into the trailer.

While Jason was picking up the horses Brianna was hard at work answering the phones and writing emails.

Tawnee was showing horses to potential adopters. Sally’s short term adoptive mommy came out to find her new match who wasn’t nicknamed Houdini. She fell in love with Pistol. We love adopters like her. When she was looking at all the horses she fell in love with Anna, a really cute little mare. Tawnee gently suggested that Pistol really needs a home since she had EPM and still suffers from some weakness. Looking past Anna’s great looks she saw the need of Pistol and offered her a forever home. Just stay in the fence Pistol!

Another potential adopter came out to visit some of the horses today. She absolutely fell in love with Sierra and Christopher…

…and Snowplow as well! We are so excited that Sierra and Christopher are being adopted together as soon as her application is approved and transporting is arranged.

Jason arrived back with the horses and to Tawnee’s surprise there was an extra horse in there, a medicine hat paint. We’ll have to contact the auction tomorrow to find out why there was an extra horse in our trailer. According to our auction records that Becky so faithfully writes down, this mare had a $400 reserve and she was a no-sale. We’re not sure if its an accident or the owners told the auction to just get rid of her so they stuck her in with our horses instead of giving her to a kb. Who knows, we should have an update tomorrow.

This is the extra horse. She seems very happy here!

This poor girl has an fugly lookin‘ nose. No this photo is not Photoshopped, her face is somewhat normal halfway down, and then it looks like her nose is twisted off to one side. It looks as if a huge gust of wind came along and blew her nose for her.

After the auction horses were settled in Tawnee headed out to take Pistol to her new home. She is quite happy there and we hope that she stays there forever and doesn’t try escaping.

Macho Man and Dottie are best buddies again. Macho convinced Dottie that she really was his gal after all.

Today our website received about 7,500 hits, compared to our normal 800 or so. Definitely a record! Thank you again for all the kinds words of emotional support, along with the generous outpouring
of donations and pledges.

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  1. OMG! Yay Sierra and Chris! (but *sniffle* my babies!)Congrats on the positive FHOTD nod.We should be out tomorrow, if nobody’s coughing too much. 😛

  2. Like I needed another blog to have to follow! But my sis gave me the heads up about Fulgy posting about your Eutha’ clinic and I just think it’s such a great idea I had to see for myself and donate to the cause…Gives new meaning in a good way to killing with kindness…

  3. I too saw this on fhotd board and posted it on NCHN to get the word out. I think this whole euth clinic is wonderful and hope that maybe other rescues will try to do this to! By the way, the medicine hat horse looks like one I used to work with, but I doubt that she ever made it to CA, she was in NC last time I had heard anything 🙂 Pally mare is cute too, but a horse with that much of a wry nose will have dental issues the rest of its life. Thank you!

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