Today we made the headline on the front page on theHorse.com! This is a very positive press exposure. Thank you so much for featuring our efforts to alleviate pain and suffering with our low cost euthanasia clinic!

Almost $900 was donated/pledged today for the Euthanasia Clinic, along with many more words of encouragement. Thank you everyone so very much!

Our Low Cost Gelding program has officially launched! This program will help encourage people and give them the resources needed to geld their colts and stallions! For only $25-$125 people will be able to have their stallions gelded. For more information click here. As you all know, this will help nip the overpopulation of horses. As volunteer Becky would say “Give them brain surgery!”

Annette came out today and did adoption applications and then called pledge donors for the followup donation. With all the pledges and donations coming in, it keeps us all very busy. Thank you for making our lives busy, when we are busier, more horses are being saved.

Yesterday when Tawnee was coming back from delivering Pistol to her new home she saw a backhoe driving down the road. Tawnee is always looking for options that can help the rescue out, so she flagged him over. After talking with him he is no doubt giving us the cheapest tractor work ever: $45 an hour.

We called him up to come give us a quote, he said the total hay barn pad and driveway to the barn will be 10 hours or less. The hay barn location was finally chosen and the corner rock set.

Mid day he showed up to get to work. Yes, he is located close enough he can just commute in his tractor. He does landscaping with his tractor and really knows how to work it quite proficiently.

First things first, the bushes had to be cleared for the road to the pad site.

It was really neat to see how quickly and easily a road can be put in, with the right equipment. None of our volunteers seemed to offer to do it with picks and shovels… Can’t say we blame them, it’s just a bit too hard.

Ann Marie was sick recently, and that is why we haven’t seen her in “so long” but she is feeling well enough to spend time with Sierra and Christopher. She brought a little surprise out for Christoper, a little halter to give him his first halter lesson! The lesson was putting a halter on and off, on and off. He seemed to get an idea, watching from a distance it sure looked like they were doing a slow dance in the pen.

As for the extra mystery horse named “Mystery” we contacted the auction. They said they will be looking into it for us. They said they would get back to us today, so far at 10:30 pm no word, so, no word yet. The auction folks said they sure don’t want it back there, so it looks like we may have yet another horse needing a home! We will know more later.

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  2. Mystery is a beautiful little girl – hopefully she will find a loving home soon!I am a long-time follower, first-time poster.Congratulations on offering the gelding and euthanasia clinics, and getting such positive feedback and awesome coverage!I wish I were closer to help, but I am doing all I can with my local rescue in IL.

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