Today was the culmination of a three year investigation and victory for the horses! In 2005 we started checking out some horses near our old rescue facility in Taylorsville, who showed signs of neglect. Today, a group of the horses were surrendered to us finally. Many thanks to Plumas County! These below photo’s were taken today. The neglect is obvious. The horses are should to be transported down on Tuesday.

The young foal is not dead but does have a bloated belly full of worms.

Most of the horses desperately need more weight.
This poor horse, it is so sad when people let their horses become like this.
These photo’s are from 2005 when we first stepped foot into these horses lives.

There was definite neglect, but nothing that could legally be done. They sure needed a fly control program.
Their pens were in terrible condition.
But we were able to get a legal order for them to have their horses hooves trimmed.
Today we were on the Jurga Report, it is really hard keeping up with everything that is going on. TheHorse.com sent out an email newsletter to their mailing list giving everyone a heads up about our Euthanasia Clinic. Another major magazine contacted us for an interview. We are becoming a bit swamped and overwhelmed with all the publicity, but we’ll keep pushing forward!
The Euthanasia Clinic funds are over $4,000.00 now. Thank you all for your donations and pledges. We have even received donations from the Netherlands and Australia, a big thank you goes to the international donors for caring so much about our horses here in the USA. The hay pile is dwindling faster than ever now with so many horses to feed. We need more hay and lots of it! Tawnee and son Justin, cleaned out some stalls today. Tawnee has a phone tucked between her shoulder and ear, talking on the phone while shoveling. She does this quite often, but one time she dropped one of the phones into the water trough, and it hasn’t worked quite right since then.

Justin enjoys helping to clean the stall, but Justin really enjoys…
…taking Macho Man for walks to help his leg recover.
Brianna and Anette came out and did more office work today. Brianna did manage to sneak out and visit the horses for a short time.

The tractor operators son enjoyed helping move manure and helping wherever he could. What a great volunteer, we couldn’t find enough stuff for him to do fast enough.
The tractor work is going great, but the 10 hours were up today.
But, in exchange for the firewood from the trees that he has been piling, he is going to do another 12 hours of tractor work. Thanks!
In the mail this evening we received an anonymous letter with pictures and a letter about the horses that were surrendered to us today. Thank you so much fr caring about these horses! Please know that they will be coming here safely soon.
As of noon today Jason is sick as a dog. Get well soon!

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  1. Aw! Justin and Macho are adorable together. And a big CONGRATS on the rescue of those poor horses!

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