Today a potential adopter came out to view the horses.

Usually adopters pick horses, but in this case the horse picked them. We have never seen a horse latch onto someone so quickly. Everywhere they went in one of our larger pens Promising Lady was there, gently nudging them, asking “Please give me a home.” The feeling became mutual quickly and now she is in adoption pending while they are approved to adopt. Promising Lady was rescued last auction rescue, and is an off the track TB.

Bright and early around noon the tractor guy showed up. When you’re working just for wood though, therereally isn’t a tight schedule.

He got to work on the gravel, he got it all spread out by the tack room. What a relief to have it all spread out so quickly. All the shoveling by hand was getting quite tiresome.

After the gravel was spread and smoothed he got to work on the ever growing manure pile by the tack room. It was quite an unsightly pile that had to be moved, it just happens to be the easiest place for the volunteers to dump the manure from the horse barn. Now we have a huge pile in an out-of-the-way place that is composting away. Any takers for free manure for your gardens?

Since Jason was still sick today the tractor guys son, Joe, volunteered to feed for him. That was a huge burden off of Jason’s day and it immediately made him feel somewhat better.

It’s really neat watching the horses enjoy themselves, galloping in the warm evening sun.

Miss Autumn’s Bakery called us up with some exciting news: they got some hay donated! The bad news is, the hay is in Oklahoma. It’s great big round bales, weighing between 1000 and 1200 lbs. We would love to get our hands on these, and we know the horses would love to get their teethes on them. Autumn’s Bakery has agreed to help with the trucking expenses, but we have to find a trucker. If you know of any hay truckers, please send us their information.

The euthanasia Clinic and Gelding Program are still going great. It is really amazing how much exposure is happening because of this. Yet another large horse magazine contacted us for an interview. Soon you will be able to read about us in almost every major horse magazine.

Have a great weekend!

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