Tawnee was flat out sick today, which really made everything all that more hectic, but thanks to wonderful staff and volunteers it went really well today. It’s been a long time since Tawnee took off a sick day, usually she just works sick and feels miserable doing it. It is so nice having reliable people that know what they’re doing (or at least are good at pretending they know) that step up and fill the void. Thank you so much!

It’s nice to have Becky out here again. She went right to work cleaning stalls, catching horses, meeting people as they drove in the driveway, etc. Thanks Becky!

We had a new volunteer come out today. She went right to work cleaning the tack room, and then became useful as she did many other things that needed to be done. Hopefuly we will see a lot more of her in the years to come.

Deb was out working her magic with the horses once again. You can tell it’s becoming winter, long sleeves are starting to appear on all but the most warmblooded people.

Deb showed horses to potential adopters pretty much non-stop all day. A lot of interest, but no horses were put in adoption hold today. Several people are coming to look again within the next week.

Jason got to work painting the tack room. Amber finished it up, but, we didn’t get a decent picture of it finished.

Patches had some potential adopters come out today. She is such a sweet girl, someone surely will give her a forever home.

Annette, Kimmy and some other teenagers came out today to volunteer as well. They spread some gravel, moved a lot of manure around, and did some general clean up.

Christopher went for his first walk leading out of the pen today! He did really well, he is learning that people really can show him the way. He was a little leery of the 4-wheeler feeding the other horses as it would go by, but he is learning quick. Great work Ann Marie!

Tawnee mustered her strength and did a newspaper interview this evening. It seems like a lot of interviews are being done lately, but we really enjoy it. The exposure should really help the horses in need. Get well soon Tawnee!

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