Tawnee was hoping to spend today recuperating and trying to get well, but duty calls, literally. The phone rang and a plea for help was on the other side. Some people were moving and absolutely could not get their horse into their trailer, could we please take her? They also explained that she had a blown out knee and was completely unridable. Knowing the current economic conditions it would be virtually impossible to place a horse such as this into another home. During the long conversation Tawnee asked “So if she loads would you guys keep her?” They had been trying to load her, every time they had been making trips to their new home, and every time the horse would plant her feet and say “No way!” Today was the last day, it was either get in or they would have to leave her. Tawnee said “No problem, we’ll get her into your trailer, I’m leaving now.” We most certainly do not want to see a horse euthanized because it wouldn’t load.

So, Tawnee was on the road bright and early, still feeling ill and sick.

When Tawnee arrived she found a beautiful Paint mare that refused to get more than 10′ from the trailer opening. Tawnee had an old trick up her sleeve that she was sure would work. It is always best to make sure that someone the horse trusts introduces the horse to new situations. If Tawnee had just grabbed the rope and tried to load the horse into our trailer, for sure she would have just a bit more stress about the situation.

Soon the mare was safely loaded into our big trailer. Then, it was time to load her into the 2 horse straight, as you know, Tawnee just ‘loves’ two horse straights. Their trailer was backed up door to door with no gap in the footing area.

The horse, already feeling confined, was finally starting to surrender to the idea of being put into the tiny trailer.

Finally the horse was loaded next to her buddy, who stuck his tongue out at the idea of taking so long to get in the trailer!

Tawnee had a great feeling of accomplishment as she watched the horses drive away to their new home, knowing the Paint mare had no options other than euthanasia as she was so unwilling to load. Tawnee has loaded horses thousands of times over the last few years, and she claims this is the single most difficult and stubborn horse to load. It took a few hours to get the horse into the trailer.

Deb came out for a few hours and evaluated horses, but, Tawnee had the camera.

We did a lot of office work today. Tawnee was on the phone almost every minute she was at the office today. We received about 15 phone calls from people who could no longer care for their horses. It is really sad that there are so many people that can no longer care for their beloved pets. We help everyone we can, and we will always take in a horse with a $200 donation trust fund for their horse.

We finally have some answers for the mystery horse. $275 and she’s ours. That’s $275 we really don’t have, but since we have been told she is Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis (hypp) positive on both sets of parents, we cannot let go back and possibly be bred and pass it on. Read up on HYPP if you don’t know what it is. Of course we would never want her to leave, we’ve alrady fallen in love with her and want the very best possible decisions are made for her.

One of the people that came out and looked at horses yesterday made up her mind today. Tina is going to be going home as soon as the paperwork is in order.

Macho Man’s bandage was finally removed today and we got to see the improvement. Wow!

Here he is before the surgery, his poor little hoof was so deformed.

Now, he just looked great. The recovery is so amazing, it actually looks like a real horse leg now attached to a real hoof. The closest one is the leg that received surgery.

We love picking up our mail, thank you so much everyone for your kind letters, words of support and financial donations. Your support is immeasurable! It takes a lot of money to feed over $200 in hay every day. Every donation really helps!

We receive dozens of emails a day “What do you do with the bodies of the the horses after they are taken to the humane euthanasia clinic?” We will be having the rendering plant, which is doing this for 75% off the normal cost, pick up the bodies and dispose of them in
accordance with state and local laws. Yes, the $25, plus the $100 in donations, includes everything: humane euthanasia and removal of the body.

It’s amazing watching the giant hay pile disappear. Feeding almost 20 bales a day really makes it go down fast, we will have to be purchasing hay this week. We are hoping to get the big hay barn, which is being delivered on the 24th, up within 7 days at which time we can fill’er up, but only with your financial help.

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