The Nov 9th Auction rescue is up on the website. Before it was even up some very kind, loving and generous people donated $100. Our goal for the Nov auction is $5,000 for the rescue and care of the auction horses.

Horses are being dumped at auctions in droves. At the last auction we are almost 100% sure that there was not a single horse sold to a KB!!! Our rescue is extremely full and as winter approaches we have to think into the future and make plans accordingly. Adoptions have slowed, but horses still need to be saved from the brutality of slaughter. We currently have about 80 horses in the rescue, horses that have to be fed and cared for every day. We simply will not be able to accommodate this number of horses once the rainy winter begins. We are planning on having no more than 40 horses at the rescue during the winter. This means two things: we can start turning a blind eye to the poor horses dumped so thoughtlessly at the auction, pretend they never needed our help and just ignore the problem or we can do what we believe is right. We can save them from the cruel fate of slaughter, give them the best possible chance of finding a forever home, and if no home is found allow them to pass on knowing love, compassion and peace. As we rescue 20-30 horses monthly from auctions, the euthanasia rate may vary greatly this winter depending entirely on placement ability. The horses at the auction need your help. In the wintertime, very few people are wanting to buy a horse, except for those that only see dollars on hooves, making a horses chance of finding a kind home virtually nill at the auction.

Our Last Act of Kindness time frame may have to be shortened this winter depending on how the adoptions go. In our minds the choice is clear: leave horses at the auction to be slaughtered in Mexico or Canada, or bring them into our rescue and give them a chance. The answer is clear, and you can join us in our rescue efforts! Please continue helping to save horses from slaughter. Click here for more information and to donate.

First thing this morning we called a number we had gotten yesterday for a possible resource to purchase an office for very very cheaply. As the rescue keeps getting busier and busier, a separate office from Jason and Tawnee’s house would be such a great asset. This building is an 8×16, the same size as the new tack room. Jason got the person who was selling the office on the phone, and after some discussion it was agreed to meet in town “in half an hour.” That meant Jason was skipping breakfast today, he had to get to town ASAP!

One of our adopters runs a junk car removal company, which means he has a flatbed tow truck. Little did we know that tomorrow he is heading back east on vacation, but thankfully he wasn’t too busy to move the building for us “for some gas money.”

Safely on the truck and ready to go to the rescue.

While Jason was arranging the building transporting and getting it all set up and on the truck, Brianna was showing horses.

The office was going where Sierra and Christopher’s pen was, so Tawnee began the long task of cleaning up the area. They had to be loaded into the trailer as Sierra is not yet halter broke sufficiently to lead around.

Then their pen was moved. Thankfully Annette and Kimmy were out to help by this time.

The shelter was lifted and moved with many hands. Joe (not seen,) Tawnee, Kimmy and Megan moved the shelter with no problem. Brianna was still showing horses, that is pretty much all she did today.

And now Sierra and Christopher have a nice new area to romp around in.

Promising Lady was adopted today! It is so exciting when a horse goes to such a loving home.

About that time the office was coming down the steep hill.

It was backed up to the right location…

…the flatbed went up…

…and there it sits. An office was not in our plans this year, but we simply could not pass up the steal of a lifetime. The raw materials to build this office would be at a bare minimum $900, instead we purchased it and had it delivered for $600. Once it has electrical, a window, desks etc it will be open for the public!

Promising Lady was uninterested in getting into the two horse straight. It seemed that we may be having a repeat of yesterday, unfortunately Lady is going a whole lot farther so she just had get in!

So, after trying for some time to load her directly into the two horse, we loaded her (no problem) into our bigger trailer, backed up to the two horse, and she hopped right in.

Away she goes!

We had given them sufficient warning about the hill, so they used enough gas and speed to make it up. The hill is definitely the single biggest negative to having the rescue located here, but overall it is a great location.

It seems that we are not the only ones that have tire problems, Annette’s car had a flat and so it had to be changed. It’s a good thing she brought out a strong young man to do the dirty work.

Brianna just can’t wait to get to work in the new office!

Katie was placed in adoption pending today. She should be going home as soon as the adoption application is completed.

Jason fed, as always. The hay pile is definitely shrinking. Jason doesn’t mind feeding too much as it keeps him in shape. It’s an art form, tossing 100+ lbs up and over a 4′ feeder railing

Tawnee was up early this morning getting Petfinder updated and worked late this evening finishing the job. There has been a lot of emails asking for updated pictures and information on the auction horses. Thanks for getting it done Tawnee! They are all there now, Petfinder may take a bit to show them all, but they are in there. Be patient, they’re in the Internet world now!

Today was a very busy outdoor day and Brianna unfortunately got a grand total of 0 emails written. She is coming in tomorrow morning to catch up though! If you haven’t gotten a reply, please be the squeaky wheel on the wagon.

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