Today was such a busy day! First up Rose was surrendered today, she is a little shy, but will follow you anywhere with a bucket of grain.

Deb came out and got right to work evaluating Sunny. Such a nice horse!

Amber came out again today to volunteer, she is so helpful. She got to work on Adrian’s mane, but the end of the day it was looking pretty nice. She got a lot of other things done too, thanks Amber!

Teresa and Tawnee in their spare time (all 2 minutes of it) wrapped some twine on the big ball while brainstorming up press releases for the euthanasia and gelding clinics. That ball keeps getting bigger and bigger!

Clay was rescued from the Sept auction rescue. He won’t allow anyone to approach him and he does not enjoy being with people. To catch him we have to lure him into a small pen with food. He is one of those poor horses that has had a tough lot in life, he has pretty much only known hardness and cruelty before coming to the rescue and so he doesn’t trust people. A lady came out Thursday, and while Tawnee was showing horses, she was a little amazed to see the lady walk up to Clay and pet him. “Wow!” Tawnee said, “He likes you.” He was in adoption pending to another adopter. Today the lady came back out, and the person who had Clay in adoption pending fell in love with another horse, Checkers. That meant that the lady that Clay was so madly in love with is able to adopt him! It rarely happens, but every so often the horse does the adopting, and Clay made this very clear! Arrangements are being made for Clay’s transport.

Checkers is going to be the most spoiled horse around! Her new mommy just loves her so much. Her other horse is a dark chocolate, but he has the same markings so she will have a matched pair.

Annette did hours of adoption approval’s today. Yes that is Brianna in the background writing emails, no she did not catch up. Mostly she ran errands back and forth all day from the round pen to the office.

Sonic was also adopted today by Clay’s mommy’s sister. Transportation arrangements are in the works for both of them. It is so nice seeing Sonic, our long legged giraffe horse, being placed into such a great home.

Many horses were placed in adoption pending today, along with Burly Ben, seen below. Burly Ben came to us many months ago, and now he is getting ready to go to his forever home as soon as the paperwork is done. They submitted an adoption application many years ago, but they’re going to fill out a new one. Adoption applications are only good for 6 months as we want to have the most up to date information on the horses new home.

The last visitors to leave also had the deadest battery. Being the handyman that he is, Jason had them up and going in about 6 minutes. It’s been a long time since we had so many visitors to the resuce so late into the evening. Is outdoor arena lighting next on the list?

As an avid blog reader, you know that there are groups and individuals who have nothing better to do with their time than to complain, whine and spread lies and false rumours about organizations like ours that is making a real difference in the lives of so many horses, begging people to stop donating to us. They, by their actions, would far rather see horses hang from hooks in a slaughter house than to know love, safety and have a great chance of finding a forever home. They can wear blinders if they choose, but we will not turn a blind eye to horses and let them be brutally murdered in a slaughterhouse if there is anything we can do to prevent it. We have been asked to spend time refuting these attacks on forums and the like, but the fact is, we do not have the personal or resources to deal with every little attack that comes our way. As a wise guy once told us “If they aintshootin‘ at ya, you’re not doin‘ it right.” Good motto!
We’ll say it again: we would rather a horse know love and kindness than to be jammed in with dozens of other horses into a semi truck without food or water for 3 days, jabbed in the neck and hung up by 1 leg to bleed to death. Please join us in saving as many horses as we can from this fate. Just because a horse has no home, should its end result be slaughter? We say No!

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