Some times you are just glad that you had a camera handy at the right time. Robert this morning was so full of spice and energy he just couldn’t keep all 4 hooves on the ground at the same time.

He raced around the pen.

Galloping up the hill.

“Boo Clay, here I am!”

Then it was time for a little rest, he started acting like his normal self, but not for long.

We could tell he was off on another mission to race around the pen.

Down the hill he flew.

Off he went.

Bucking and kicking out of sheer delight at being alive. It’s so great to see Robert enjoying life to the fullest. If it wasn’t for us he could be on a dinner plate in France right now.

Snowplow, Sierra and Christopher were adopted today! Snowplow was transported by his adopter to his new home today, and Sierra and Christopher will be transported on Thursday.

Deb and Annette came out today to work with the horses and do office work.

Jason and Tawnee had to head off to pick up some horses in the Bay Area that were surrendered to us. The owners husband passed away and she was no able to keep them. Jason was planning on heading down himself, but she warned us that one of them didn’t like to load. The last time she was loaded she had to have stitches in the end. So that meant Tawnee had to go too. It seems that there have been a lot of tough loading horses being sent our way recently, hopefully this trend stops soon.

We were introduced to Nancy, the hard loading TB.

This is her best friend Sunny, a very lovable QH cross gelding who didn’t mind jumping in and out of the trailer a few times to show Nancy how it’s done.

First, Tawnee tried the old “Hi, you want to get in right?” trick. Didn’t work. We could tell there was some major stress on the owners part to see us working on loading her sweet girl. Half an hour later, a gasp of surprise and relief went up from her previous owner as she loaded in the trailer. Loading difficult horses is a gift, we probably won’t be starting clinics…

Both the horses were safely loaded without injury or stress to either one, and we were on our way back to the rescue.

Of course there is always that Bay Area traffic.

After the rush hour was over it was a nice drive watching the sun go down. It sure was a particularly beautiful sunset. But then…

…you could have guessed it, a flat tire. We’re not sure they can put a patch on that one. It went flat on a section of freeway where there was no possible place to pull over, so we had to drive on it for about a mile.

The remains of the tire was wrapped around the axle. Less than 10 minutes later the spare was on and we were off again.

We enjoyed the sunset as it got even more beautiful. This is not just a picture of the beautiful sunset, it is the final picture taken with our faithful camera of many years. It has taken hundreds of thousands of wonderful pictures, but this evening the lens got tired of coming in and out and it beeps while it says “Error E18.” Rest in pieces little camera!

Thankfully we have a spare camera, but, it does not take nearly the quality of pictures that the dead camera did. Also, a big thank you to the person that offered a bit ago to donate a camera. We really do need it now!

The horses were unloaded and are settled in for their first night at the rescue.

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