Today was once again quite a busy day. Brianna came out to work and help out. Annette also came out to help out wherever she could as well.

Tawnee showed horses to potential adopters, and Jason ran errands in town. Here are some potential adopters looking at Feather.

The hay barn arrived today! Now that the easy part is over, we have to get the holes drilled for the posts into the ground, and get it raised. Rain is on its way, it will not be done before this storm unfortunately. Unless a whole lot of volunteers show up tomorrow with their lifts, step ladders, tractors, drills, etc.

Thank you EQ-Wine covers for delivering and unloading it.

Sunny was adopted and transported to his new home today. Thanks for giving him such a great home! His new mommy is the same person that adopted Beauty. Beauty is doing great and she just had to add another rescued horse to her family.

Sunny is such a good boy and just walked right into the trailer.

Feather was also adopted today, here she is all spiffed up and ready to go with her home made shipping boots on.

It took a little convincing to load her into the two horse straight, but she was willing and soon she was in the trailer telling us goodbye.

Today was pretty much non-stop showing horses to potential adopters. Sunny, not the white one above but the Chestnut below that was surrendered into the LAK program yesterday, was placed in adoption pending today. We think Brianna may have fallen in love with this sweet boy too.

Rocket was also placed in adoption pending today. Her soon to be new mommy came out last week and fell in love with her. She just had to come out and see her again today. Her son will be Sunny’s owner. Poor people, we really feel sorry for them. The first time they came out she met Rocket and fell in love. She wanted to find a horse for her son, so she tried to come out Sunday. Unfortunately found out we do not have out-door lighting to show horses at 8:00 pm. So she came out Monday, but we were gone picking up Sunny and Nancy. So she’s made 5 hour round trip 4 times now! She wants us to deliver for some reason.

Thank you everyone for sending little boxes of tack donations and other thoughtful gifts to the rescue. Today Jason and Tawnee were surprised to find a package from one of our supporters just for them: a bunch of horse clothing from Back in the Saddle! Tawnee has always drooled over the stuff in that magazine, and now she actually has some. A big “Thank You” to CJ for sending this cool stuff to Jason and Tawnee!

The euthanasia clinic has almost completed its fundraising. We have enough funds to hold clinics monthly throughout the winter. We have started signing people up for the clinic, we are so glad to see that it is reaching the people and horses out there that really need it. One lady called today, she has an old senior horse with cushings that she had rescued a few years ago. She can tell it’s time to say Goodbye. She started checking around, and she was quoted over $500 again and again. Imagine her surprise to learn of the clinic where she can let her friend pass peacefully on for only $25. She is on Social Security and simply cannot afford the $500 needed at most vet offices. She has given this old horse a wonderful home and lots of love, and now thanks to your support she is able to provide a humane and dignified ending. This is a perfect example of what the euthanasia clinic is focused on: giving people an economical way to say “Goodbye.” If this was not an option for her, she very likely would have been forced to send it to auction, hoping against hope that someone would step up and do the right thing for this horse, but who goes to auctions wanting to buy old cushings horses? Only one kind, the guys that see dollar signs on hooves.

Tawnee did another magazine interview about the clinic. We’ve been receiving a steady stream of emails from rescues, humane societies, animal controls, etc across the nation who have looked at the big picture and are wanting to start euthanasia clinics of their own. It’s great that other’s have seen the bigger picture and are wanting to be a part of the solution, not a hindrance to those that are the solution.

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  1. Just wanted to leave a note to Sunny’s (the white horse) new owner. I was pretty much his foster mom for the last year. He proved too much for my husband and I could not place him. Tawnee and Jason were nice enough to let him come back to the rescue. He is a sweet guy and needs love and understanding which was missing when he came to me. Please love him and care for him. I thank you so much for adopting him, my heart can now find some peace. If I can help in any way with questions, Tawnee can release my number to you. Hugs to Sunny, your foster mom, p

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