The auction rescue fund currently has $259 in it for the rescue and care of horses at the upcoming Nov 9th auction. Every month as the fall progresses it becomes a more and more dismal scene at the auction. There are less and less buyers there hoping to buy a horse for themselves and give it a decent home. Horse prices have been dropping every month as the price of caring for the horses heads up every month. We are keeping our goal of $5,000 for the Nov auction rescue. The horses are counting on us! If we don’t show up, the kb’s will load up their trailers and drive away with evil grins on their faces. The KB’s are hoping we do not receive any funding for this auction. They watch our website, waiting to see how many trailers they should bring to the auction.

Mariah was adopted today to a very wonderful home. He didn’t mind getting into the trailer too much. Thank you for giving him such a great home. As long as his health check goes well tomorrow he will have a forever home.

Sally came out with a student today and pulled shoes and did trims. It is always so helpful when Sally has a clinic here at the rescue and donates her and her students time and skill to getting the rescued horses feet trimmed up.

They got a lot of horses hooves trimmed and pulled a bucket full of shoes. Thanks so much!

We had some visitors fly in from southern Ca into Sacramento yesterday, and today they came out to visit the rescue. They greatly enjoyed their visit and meeting the horses. They represent a foundation, and they generously donated $5,000 to help with the daily expenses of operating a large horse rescue. They support a lot of no-kill small animal (dog/cat) rescues, but they applaud us for doing the right thing for unwanted horses that would be slaughtered if not given the opportunity to know love, compassion and a great opprotunity to find a forever home. It was a pleasure to meet you Lynn and your daughters!

Deb, our trainer, from the moment she met him she has been in love with Starsong, seen below with Brianna. Brianna spent some time loving on him today, he is such a great big lovable boy, but it seems that tables have turned for poor Deb…

…she left one of her favorite sweaters here hanging on the panels. Starsong pulled her sweatshirt down on the ground and stomped on it. He seemed somewhat disappointed she wasn’t in it at the time. Watch your back Deb, he seems to have fallen in love with Brianna.

A lot of office work was done, Tawnee did another magazine interview today, emails got mostly caught up and a lot of cleanup was done oustide. A lot of horses were shown to potential adopters and others were placed in adoption pending.
There are currently 3 stallions lined up for the gelding clinic. The funds are there for up to 10 stallions to be gelded, we really need to give this fundraising a good shove as there are a lot of stallions out there that need to be gelded. With your help we can help prevent prevent more unwanted horses from being born.

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