Thanks to your generosity and commitment to saving horses from slaughter, the auction rescue fund is now at $409! Thank you all so very much.

Sierra and her baby Christopher were transported to their new home today. We sure will miss them! They have definitely made a huge spot in our hearts.

Sierra is looking so much better than when we rescued her. She is still thin, but is definitely on the path to full recovery.

When we rescued her from the livestock auction she was so emaciated, you could see every bone in her body just about. She had just had her 3 month old baby pulled from her, and was pasture exposed to a stallion in this condition.

She was so so skinny it really made our hearts sink to think that someone could sit back and let their horse get into this condition.

Two months after her rescue we were able to track down and buy her baby. We were able to reunite them, it was an amazing and magical moment. We sure will miss you two, but we are so glad that you will be able to lives your lives out forever together.

Brianna answered the phones, wrote emails and did a host of things outside. She even got a halter on Tidbit and led her around. It’s nice to find out that Tidbit is halter broke!

Tawnee headed to the foster home to take them some hay. On the way she got a flat tire. Tawnee changed the tire all by herself for the first time ever.

It was time for the babies that are at the foster home to be weaned so Tawnee brought them back to the rescue. The mommy’s were getting quite fed up with them and will enjoy being free from the responsibilities of motherhood. The sad thing is, all the mommy’s are supposed to be pregnant so they’ll get to do it all over again… Hopefully for the last time! There are just too many horses.

The babies were unloaded at the rescue and settled in.

Tawnee headed out once again, it was really cloudy and smokey. The fire department said it was agricultural burning and nothing to worry about.

Tawnee delivered Patches, Ziggy, and Perky to their new home this evening. That makes 5 horses that went to their new homes just today! We sure have had a busy week placing horses into homes.

The horses were fed at their new home and settled in. We don’t like to take horses to their new homes in the evening time, but the flash from the camera makes it look darker than it actually was. Also, with the sun setting earlier and earlier, more and more will have to be done in the evening.

Now some good news and the bad news. The bad news is, our web host has been out of commission all afternoon. They simply had better get their act together or we will be switching. But the amazingly good news is, we were contacted by a major TV show who will be coming up very soon and doing a huge story on us and how the economy is affecting horse owners. You have a chance to be on this show too, please send us any stories you have about people abandoning their horses, ranches and stables in foreclosure, anything about how the economy is negatively affecting the horse world in northern Ca.

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