First thing this morning Mariah came back, we didn’t know he was coming back today but we’re glad he did. We really love this guy! When asked why they were returning him they stated “Because he has worms and is going to need shoes.” As we said, we’re glad to have him back, and that adopter is not welcome to adopt from us in the future… The reasons they stated for returning him are routine maintanance. If a horse has worms, worm’em. If a horse needs shoes, shoe’em. He had a nice wet sandy roll in the round-pen when he came back and settled right back into life at the rescue.

Tawnee decided to take advantage of all the wet weather and got a lot of horses hooves trimmed. The rain made the hooves a lot softer. So, Tawnee trimmed hooves all day in between showing horses.

Jason worked on the office, he got the window put in this morning. He worked in there all day.

Sweetness’ new mommy came out and adopted him today. It is a really sweet match and Sweetness will be quite spoiled.

Sweetness’ mommy also brought out two digital camera’s, one new from Cosco and one used one. She read on our blog that we were having camera problems so she chose to be the solution! She also brought a huge box of muffins to brighten up the day. Thanks Donna!

A lot of people came out looking at horses today. We loved the rain, but we’re glad it didn’t rain all day. Sally was placed into adoption pending and LaMaze, Sunny and Rocket were all adopted.

Here is LaMaze getting a hug from her new mommy!

Clay’s adopter came out to spend some more time with him today. We are still arranging transport for them. We have a lot of horses in adoption pending now and we are hoping to get most of them delivered this week so we will have room for the auction horses assuming the funds come in to save lives!

Macho Man and Dottie were let out of their stalls to wander the ranch today and be the greeters. People sure enjoyed saying hi!

To end Tawnee’s trimming day she gave Dottie a little trim. Dottie is starting to look like a fluffy snowman with all her winter hair.

Jason continued slaving away on the office late into the night. And, now that the blog is done, he’s heading back out. He got the first light hung and illuminated 3 minutes before it became too dark to continue. We’re desperately trying to get the office done before the TV show heads up our way from LA.

Ann Marie came out to spend some time with the three amigo’s that are being weaned. Two of them are friendly and enjoy being scratched but one is still stand offish. She’ll get them tamed down in no time!

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