TheHorse.com ran a poll regarding low cost euthanasia clinics, and the results are surprising! 89% of people that responded believe in wide spread low cost euthanasia clinics, while 5% are still undecided. To see the results click here, there is also a link to the article they wrote about us on the page. The Homes for Horses coalition has a informative article about the differences between slaughter and humane euthanasia. If you know someone that isn’t informed about the differences yet, this is a great educational resource. Click here.

Jason had a few minutes so he installed another window in the new office. Hopefully we can get some volunteers to come help finish it off, but if not it will be done eventually. It sure is starting to look cute!

Jason had to go get another load of hay, 102 bales this time. We are still working on getting the hay out from Oklahoma that was donated. We finally have transportation for it lined up. It will get to ride out on a train.

Annette came out today and got a lot of adoption applications worked on. The stack of adoption applications that need to be processed gets bigger and bigger every day, then she comes and it gets smaller and smaller. Hang in there, she’ll get to yours soon.

Tawnee loaded up Anna this afternoon to take her to her adoptive home. It was less than 50 miles away and Tawnee had the bright idea that it would be an easy delivery. Thanks to Tom Tom GPS she was greatly delayed as she traveled down tiny one lane dirt roads with no turn around etc. It really made Tawnee’s day quite dim as she drove through the rain and finally about an hour late made it to the adopters home. Nothing quite like getting lost with practically unlimited technology…
The adopter has volunteered to help out at the auction rescues, and she fell in love with Anna the minute she saw her at the auction. They have adopted two other horses from us some months ago and are quite happy with one of them. The other had some behavior challenges they were unable to deal with, so they returned Baron and adopted Anna today.

Baron, you are really missing out on such a great family!

They also donated 10 bags of feed, cubes and pellets. A huge Thank You for being so thoughtful to donate some feed!

By the time Tawnee got back to the rescue the low fuel light was on, the rain was still falling and it was long past dark. But, the feed had to be unloaded so it wouldn’t be ruined. You can see Baron’s eyes in the shadows watching on in amazement.

Then Baron got out and settled in for the night.

Tawnee’s goal today was to get an e-news sent out to help raise funds for the low cost euthanasia clinic, the low cost gelding program and the upcoming auction rescue. It was done in a hurry after she got back from delivering Anna, but it still took until 11:00 PM, after which of course the blog had to be done. Getting lost was not on the days plans.

If you didn’t get a copy of the e-news, click here to read the website version and don’t forget to sign up on the e-news list.

If you cannot access our website, http://norcalequinerescue.com, please send us an email and let us know. Cogent and Sprint are having a legal battle and as such some people cannot access parts of the Internet. If the battle lasts for too long we may have to switch to a hosting company that does not utilize Cogent’s data pipelines.

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