The auction rescue fund received some more donations today, it is currently at $810! Please continue doing what you can to insure that lives are saved at the upcoming auction.

Tawnee showed horses to potential adopters today. It was nice to have a sunny day to help dry all the mud up. Fortunately most of our property is sloped so it has good run-off.

Starshine was adopted today to a very wonderful family who adopted one of our feedlot babies last year. They were ready to add a new horse to their family, so they made the long trip to the rescue today and fell in love with Starshine.

It is so wonderful to see so many horses be adopted into wonderful homes.

Thousands of flies found refuge in the tack room. It was like an Egyptian fly plague in there. It will be nice when they are all dead and gone, at which time we will have a few precious fly free months.

Ann Marie came out to continue her gentling treatment of the three amigo’s this evening. She is getting halters on two of them and teaching them to lead. The third is still a bit shy but is taming down nicely.

A funny side note, at the last auction one of the workers came up and asked Tawnee “I heard you’re running horses through the auction, is that true?” Tawnee had to laugh and say “No, we’re here to buy horses, we brought tack to sell, not horses!” Well, today some idiot on Craigslist posted “If this is such a good place for horses. Why did she take 7 horses to the Roseville auction last month. Consign them in and run them through the sale. Sounds like a horse trader using donations for profit. ” Click here for a good chuckle. Most of the posts have been deleted so we don’t know what started the discussions, but it is so far from reality it is almost funny. And for clarification, no we do not take horses to auctions, we rescue horses from auctions!

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