Jason worked on sheet rocking the office today. It is coming along nicely and it will be very nice to be able to move everything to the office. The day is coming very soon!

Tawnee loaded up Beau and Happy to take them to their new home. It was only a few miles away so Tawnee didn’t have to be on the road too long and she didn’t get lost this time either!

Soon Beau and Happy were with their new mom and dad. It’s a wonderful place, they spent the last year fencing their entire property with horse safe fencing and they did a great job. Now they are ready for horses and chose to adopt two wonderful horses that were saved from the livestock auction.

Beau and Happy’s neighbours across the road have two little adorable mini donkey’s that kept peering over their fence trying to figure out who their new friends are. When Tawnee drove away the two little donkey’s were running, bucking and kicking all over their pasture with excitement. Take a look at the green grass, yes it is growing!

We received an absolutely heart touching letter and donation of $1,200 for the euthanasia clinic today. Included in the lovely letter was this picture of the lady’s horse that sadly had to be euthanized due to health issues. Below the picture is part of her letter.
“I want you to know I support you Humane Euthanizing program as a pro-active, positive solution to an ever-growing problem in our country. There are so many “unadoptable” horses that have come to the end of their lives and need someone with the strength to give them a loving and peaceful good-bye. Thank you both for being that type of people. Thank you for your efforts to teach others how important this issue is. Thank you for being a solution to a difficult problem. Thank you for the time and effort it must take and thank you for all the tears you must shed as you do what yo know is right. Thank you for caring. Thank you for loving. And thank you for knowing how to say good-bye.”
After receiving her generous donation we have made the decision to waive the $25 fee required to have a horse euthanized. Many people have emailed asking if they can sponsor horses to come to the clinic for free, so we have chosen to waive the $25 fee. We will be strongly encouraging the owners to make a donation which we feel confident most of them will do. People can give horses away to killer buyers, let’s make the right decision to give their horse a dignified and humane ending as easy as possible. Of course all horses will still be screened by our staff and veterinarian for adoptability and brought into our adoption program as space permits.
A lot of horses are in adoption pending, but we still have a lot of available horses too. Please help spread the word there are rescued horses needing forever homes!

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