The auction fund received some nice donations today! So far the grand total for the rescue and care of the auction horses is at $1,845. There is still a ways to go, but thanks to your generosity lives will be saved this Sunday. Only 3 days left to go.

Today was a huge day at the vet. First off, Check, one of the 3 amigo’s who hurt his leg recently, needed to be taken to the vet to have his leg checked. We had to find a horse that would travel with him safely in the huge trailer, and Sweetness lived up to his name and was very sweet to the little guy. He was a great daddy figure. Sweetness was heading to the vet to have a work over done before he heads to his new home: shots, teethed floated, the whole works. We encourage people to have the horses they are adopting a thorough checkup at the vet.

After Check and Sweetness were loaded in the front stall, there was was more and more loading. So many horses needed to go to the vet today.

We had a suspicion that Honey was pregnant. So she went to the vet for an ultrasound.

The ultrasound was done…

…and sure enough, there’s a baby in there! The foal should be born in April or May. Someone asked us who the father may be, all we can say is “Auction special, who knows?” What’s sad is the past owners who bred Honey and then dumped her at the auction may not even know which of their studs bred her. Definitely no word at the auction that she was pregnant, just a suspicious looking belly.

Crusoe and Durham were taken to the vet today. They will be getting health checks, coggins, vaccines, the whole works and will be preparing for their long journey to Missouri!

We had seen some lameness with Loolu when we rescued her from the auction so we took her in for our vets opinion before we conpleted her evaluation. She is feeling great now and our vet didn’t seen anything wrong with her.

Dakota Flash was also taken to the vet for a pre-adoption checkup, of course paid for by her adopter. She checked out fine, she had a small lump on her shoulder that her adopter wanted checked out. It seemed there was a lot of scar tissue in there from an old skin injury, so the vet operated and removed the old scar tissue, sewed her up and she’s as good as new.

Check settled into his own little stall. The great news is his leg is just fine, as soon as it is healed he’ll be ready to take on the world again.

While Sweetness was getting his teethe floated Tawnee and Brianna headed back to the rescue to bring Cajun to the vet to be gelded, and sadly to bring a few horses to the vet for the Last Act of Kindness. We were really excited that Home at Last agreed to take Cajun into their sanctuary. He just needed to be gelded. He is one of the sweetest stallions we have ever come in contact with, and he truly shows his gratefulness for being rescued in the Lucky 7 group.

Cajun was led up to the barn and settled in for the night. He will have his surgery tomorrow.

Brianna led Sweetness back to the trailer for the trip back to the rescue. It’s kind of a funny photo, all you can see is horse head, no horse body, not even a tail!

Trying to steal all of Jason’s hard work, Brianna posed with some insulation for the photo. The jokes on her, she’ll be itchy for a week. The office has power, is 75% sheetrocked and is almost ready for texture / paint.

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and support! The little emails that say “Just wanted to let you know we really support you!” mean a lot! Thanks again! Days like today with the Last Act of Kindness is really hard on all of our staff. We love each and every horse, but the hard reality we have faced is there are not enough qualified homes for all the horses that need homes. We just have to look at the big picture, if we had left them at the auction knowing they would not be adoptable, they would have had a cruel end at a slaughterhouse. Instead they knew love, compassion and kindness. Thank you again for your support as we strive to do what we know is right in saving horses from slaughter.

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