Wow, only $1,550 left to go for our goal of $5,000 for the rescue and care of auction horses! Thank you everyone so much for your extreme generosity! Our hearts are overwhelmed that even in these hard economic times people are able to look beyond themselves and do what they can to save lives from slaughter.

This horse was surrendered today. Earlier in the year he was abandoned in a cow pasture, found by the rancher, and through a series of events he came to be here. He is a really sweet boy, it is so sad that someone chose to dump him.

Jason worked hard on the office this morning and now it has air conditioning. We’ll be thankful for the AC next summer no doubt.

Some very kind people donated some fire wood, so Jason headed into town early this afternoon to pick it up. Almost anything of value can be donated to help out the rescue. What is the rescue going to use firewood for? Hopefully trade it to the tractor guy for some work.

The rescue work was as busy as a normal Sunday for Tawnee. There were people here looking at horses all day long. These people came out today and looked at Honey. They’ve rescued a lot of older horses, but would love to have a baby. They’re looking to adopt a pregnant mare. Maybe Honey?

Yes, that is really green grass starting to grow on the rescue. Green grass is so nice we may just talk about it every blog until its gone.

Jake was adopted today and headed to his new home. They recently lost an older horse that looked a lot like Jake, they came out and Jake’s personality just fit their old horses personality to a T. They just had to take him home.
Here’s the boy seen at the beginning of the blog that was surrendered. Yes, he was adopted today as well! Good going Snake, we enjoyed having you here for a few hours. When he came off the trailer this morning Tawnee started thinking about some people that were looking for a gelding, and she thought this might be the perfect match. Half an hour later the phone rang: “You have any new horses that may fit our bill?” A few hours later they were down, fell in love, and Snake was adopted. His name sure matches his blaze.

Bruno, Daybreak and Tidbit were also adopted today. That makes 5 adoptions today to pre-approved homes, that is really great for a Friday.

Have a great weekend!

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