Got some wonderful updates from adopters today. Three of the horses that were brought into the LAK program are in the picture below. They were given a second chance at life and found some awesome homes thanks to the LAK program. This was at a 4H event. These rescued horses got to show off their skills. The horses are Dakota Boy, Dakota Girl and an Arabian named Sunny.

Here is Dakota Girl, a mare that came to us back on the 4th of July. They just went through one of the obstacles at the 4H event.

This is Dakota Boy, you may remember the skinny TB from the June auction. He’s now looking a lot better and really enjoys his new mommy.

Here is Dakota Boy when he was rescued. Poor guy had such a hard life. But now he is being spoiled and loved by a sweet girl.

Got an update on Gregster: he’s doing great in his new home and they are enjoying rides together.

This morning Jason headed out to pick up an untouchable Mustang. It was an all day trip, and since the horse was untouchable Jason loaded up some panels and headed out. Tawnee was unable to go with him as there were people scheduled to come adopt today. Tawnee had some serious concerns watching Jason head out, she wondered if he would return with a horse in the trailer or not.

People started arriving to look at horses. Some people that had been at the auction yesterday came out to see the horses that were rescued from the auction. The horse they were interested in they had seen at the auction unfortunately has some lameness issues, with snap crackle and pop in his hocks, so they are thankful they did not purchase her at the auction. They looked at the other rescued horses and fell in love with one of them. Once their application is approved they are hoping to adopt.

Dakota Flash was adopted today and went to her new home! The adopter was just waiting for her application to be approved, and she was so excited to be able to come pick up her new family member. Thank you for your generous donation of $500, it really helps out!

Jason managed to get the horse into the panels (there is a chain-link fence behind the horse.) From there it was just a matter of gently coaxing Rose into the trailer. A total of about 25 minutes elapsed from when Jason pulled up until she was in the trailer safe and sound. When Jason called Tawnee her first words were “Did you get her loaded?”

Day Break and Tidbit were transported to their new home today, along with Bruno. They had to make two trips. These two girls did great, it was most likely their first experience loading into a two horse straight.

WalMart called and they had some more feed for us today. Claire, on of the Board of Directors, was in town so she stopped by to pick it up.

Toby, a large pony rescued from the auction yesterday, was placed into adoption pending today while his evaluation is being done. The lady came out today and just fell in love with him. He’ll be a great Christmas surprise / present for her kids.

It’s hard keeping all the horses looking neat and clean now that the rain has come. You brush and brush, turn them back out into their pen, and they roll around like a pig. Oh well, they seem to enjoy it. Nancy rolled and rolled and made herself look like the dirtiest horse ever.

Claire also got to work cleaning stalls. That’s why she signed up to be on the Board after all!

Claire had a lot of fun playing with the new Mule, who we are going to name Blue because we think that is the name of the Walton’s mule. Blue just loves her ears being scratched and rubbed. She is nicely trained to ride, but currently appears that she has some lameness.

Jason got back with Rose safely and she got settled into her stall. She is an off-the-range Mustang mare.

Her owners are moving out of state and just cannot take her with them. They were moving this Saturday and if no place could be found for her they would have had to put her down. We’re so glad she is able to come here, we are really hoping we will be able to find her a home. Unfortunately most homes that are qualified to train untouchable horses prefer to work with breeds other than Mustangs.

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  1. Can’t wait to see how the newbies are doing this Sunday! Hopefully they are adjusting well! Glad to hear that some of the people from the auction came up! what a fun filled day. 🙂

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