Early this morning Jason got to work on the new truck. It was going to be a huge day with both trucks and trailers heading out in opposite directions. The front brakes had to be replaced. One of the pads was worn down to metal, so, it had to be done.

Both rigs sat ready to go for the big day, but the rescue is always in motion and we never know what will happen next. The plan was for Jason with the big trailer to get the studs replaced where they were worn off when the tire came off on Sunday, head down to pick up 3 horses that are being surrendered, and then the 5 remaining horses at the auction. Tawnee planned to show a couple horses, head to the vet to pick up Cajun (who has been gelded) and deliver him to the sanctuary.

People started arriving to view the horses. Come to find out, Tawnee and Brianna showed horses all day long. Cajun will have to wait another day at the vet.

Baron and Fancy’s adopter came out today and after looking at them, Tawnee took her for a short ride to see how they did. They all did great!

Jason was out at Les Scwab and they gave him the bad news that the trailer would not be fixed today. So, he purchased some supplies and headed back to the rescue to work on getting the office leveled and on a foundation.

After the trail ride she was already in love with Baron and Fancy and as she was approved to adopt and had her trailer, they loaded right up and headed off to their new forever home.

Tractor Supply in Yuba City had another BBQ fundraiser for us recently and they brought out the funds today. They raised over $100 for us, thank you so much for your support!

This lady has been looking for a horse recently, and has been with us at Livestock auctions and has come out to look at horses before at the rescue. She fell in love with Jasmine, who was rescued from the last auction. She is already approved to adopt so she was able to adopt her today. Now we just have to arrange transportation.

Silver’s potential adopter came out today and caught Tawnee off guard as the first thing she said was “Do you have a wheelbarrow?” Tawnee’s first thought was “Wow, does she really want to clean stalls?” She had a whole bunch of tack that she brought to donate to the rescue, and soon the wheelbarrow was filled to overflowing. Thank you so much!

She got to play with Silver, they both really hit it off. They’re just waiting for the adoption approval to be done and Silver will be in his new home!

As if everyone wasn’t busy enough, Jason had to head off to get some more hay this evening.

Another 108 bales, another $1,000. Should almost last a week.

Please keep spreading the word that there are a lot of great horses that need homes at the rescue right now!

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