Sweetness’ new mommy came up this morning with a horse trailer to pick up her new friend. She even brought a brand new padded halter for him. Sweetness looked like he had never worn a padded halter before in his life!

Sweetness was a good boy and jumped right in. Thanks for giving him such a great home!

As Sweetness and his new family were leaving, Tawnee snapped this picture. Poor Macho Man, he looks so little in this picture. He’s just a little dot about the size of a dog.

We’ve been in contact with a sweet lady from the warm islands of Hawaii. She flew out to meet the horses, she wanted to adopt a horse and chose our rescue to adopt from. Tawnee, from the minute the correspondence started, was hoping that Mariah would be the chosen horse so he could live his life out in luxury. He is such a good boy and would be just what she was looking for. Jessica, the lady from Hawaii, fell in love with Mariah and the match is perfect. Assuming his health check goes well he is going to be getting on an big luxury cruise ship (at least the biggest nicest boat he’s ever been on) for the trip across the ocean. Well, we are making an assumption that he has never been on a boat before, so he wont’ have anything to compare it to. He’ll be going in for his vet check soon, and then his big adventure will start. Mariah enjoyed having a lei put around his neck and us all oohing and awing over his lucky future.

Jason had to pick up some surrendered horses today. A lady got divorced a bit ago, her x-husband was ‘taking care’ of her horses, but then a neighbour called her to let her know that her horses were in terrible condition. She is on disability so she is unable to afford to have her horses boarded, so she called us up in tears asking us to please help her. Of course we had to say yes. We planned on picking them up earlier, but with all the trailer trouble it had to be delayed until today. Jason did not get pictures of picking up the horses, everything was being videoed for the TV show, so there were no still photo’s taken. Sorry! Jason was born with just 2 hands, and he needed them both for the TV camera.
From there Jason headed to the livestock auction to get another one of the auction horses. Jason had planned on picking them all up Tuesday, but with the big trailer out of commission, it has been delayed. With 3 other horses in the trailer only one lucky horse made the ride back to the rescue this evening. The plan was to go down tomorrow with this trailer and bring the remaining 4 horses back.

Here are the three horses that were surrendered to us today. As you can tell they are all very skinny and at the point of death.

The great news is: the big trailer was finished today! The total economic damage was only $180, and that included a wheel that was destroyed when it came off. It is so nice to have the big trailer back at the rescue.

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