Today we got to spend some time with the 3 horses that were surrendered to our rescue yesterday.

It is so sad how skinny they are. It seems that these days terribly skinny horses are becoming more and more common. It is so terribly sad. All three are in pretty bad shape, this one is the skinniest but the others are bad too. One is completely blind in one eye and mostly blind in the other eye. These poor three horses are in really bad shape.

Jason headed out to get the rest of the horses at the auction. Tawnee headed to the vet with the new rig. Yay, we can multi-task in different directions now!

Sonic developed a soreness on his leg that his adopters wanted to have checked out. Mariah was there to get all checked out for his hopefully soon trip to Hawaii.

Tawnee said “Goodbye” to Cruzoe and Durham who are heading out to Missouri on the transport truck soon.

While Tawnee was at the vet Jason made it safely down to the auction, the horses jumped right in, and back to the rescue he went.

After Tawnee was done at the vet she loaded up Cajun, she already had Blue, the mule, in the trailer, and she headed to Home at Last. Home at Last was willing to provide forever sanctuary to Blue and Canjun, and we are always more than happy to keep them full. It seems that every mule we get from the auction has something wrong with it, generally lameness. Blue was no exception, she was lame too.
Tawnee arrived at Home at Last, Equuleus and Pilgrim were waiting to meet her. They are doing great and are best of buddies. Equuleus has got quite the belly now and they have a nickname for her: Lilly Belly. They all thought she was pregnant, but she’s not thankfully.

Cajun looked like a different horse than the day we rescued him. He has gained a lot of weight, and his mane is thick, lush and tangle free.

This is Cajun when we rescued him, yes, he looks like a different horse now!

Ginny, another of the Lucky 7, has been fighting for her life. She had over 10′ of compacted colon from eating manure in an attempt to stay alive. She has a lot of life in her, her spirits are good and with the great care she has been receiving she is making a comeback.

Daisy, the blind Appy, is doing great. She is gaining weight and her coat is nice and shiny.

Levi has become Daisy’s guide horse, they are best of friends and are inseparable. Tawnee even got to watch Daisy trot around her pen.

Hope is doing great as well! You can hardly see her ribs now.

This picture of Hope was taken a few months ago. It’s amazing what love and food will do for a horse!

Smokey and Navajo are best of friends and spend their days wandering their pen at Home at Last.
Diego and Uki are doing great at Home at Last as well. Uki is Diego’s guide horse as Diego is completely blind.

Tucker and Slewcie were more than happy to share their pen with Blue. Tucker seemed more than happy to have a weird eared equine with him!

Jason worked on the office and it is now completely sheet rocked. Now for taping, mudding, texturing, painting and flooring and it should be done!

Tawnee spent all afternoon putting horses in different pens here at the rescue, organizing and sorting horses according to their needs. She did leave the phone in the o
ffice, sorry if you tried to get a hold of us today! We were pretty much gone all day.
These two guys came from the last auction, both seemed to be studs and one is apparently cryptorchid. They are in separate, solitary pens. If there are any interested adopters please contact us as soon as possible!

These are the four horses that came in from the auction today. They are settling in nicely.

Animal Control has a little year and a half year old colt. Tawnee paid him a visit today and he is a really sweet guy. Animal Control is planning on euthanizing him in a few days if we do not take him. We want to find this guy a home, he is so incredibly sweet! It is planned that he will come into our organization on Tuesday. He is a big love, please consider giving him a home.

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