Tawnee spent the morning tying up loose ends with adopters far and near. Once that was done she loaded up Silver to get him his shots before he is transported to his new home. She could have done it yesterday, but she forgot about him needing to go to the vet.

He was a good boy and didn’t care that he was getting his shot at all. He probably has had shots hundreds of times and is quite used to it.

When Tawnee was coming back to the rescue, horses were lined up against the fence that encloses the 20 acre pasture. They were all looking at the trailer as it drove by.

Jason and Ron, a contractor, got the office mudded and it’s drying waiting for its 2nd coat. It will be so nice to have it completed! Some real progress has been made on it recently.

The poor little guy shown in yesterday’s blog that is in Animal Control’s care will be coming to us either Monday or Tuesday. We already have a home lined up, thank you so much for stepping forward Dawn!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I found out about you through my friend Sara Harris who adopted a horse named Mistro through you. Thank you for what you all do. I check out your blog almost daily. You all are a blessing for doing the work you do. I will be visiting your rescue in a month or two. Taryn

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