What an incredibly busy, long tiring Sunday! It started out normal, doing the morning chores, getting ready for a normally busy Sunday. Then the phone rang, it was Deb: “Sorry, I can’t make it out today.” That wasn’t too big of a problem, at least Brianna was coming out today. Then we get an email, it was from Brianna: “Sorry, I’m sick and can’t come out today.” This left Tawnee in a rather frazzled state of mind realizing that the day was her responsibility with no backup or support. But, maybe it wouldn’t be too busy.

The first cars started coming down the hill, one of them was Silver’s adopter who was recently approved to adopt and came out to take her boy home.

He loaded right up in the trailer and had lots of extra room in there. Thanks for giving him such a great home!

And then people just kept coming, and coming, and coming. We love getting visitors, and thankfully everyone was in a good mood and didn’t mind waiting their turn to be helped. Visitors are the lifeblood of Norcal, so please do make an appointment and come out if you are interested in adopting a horse! Soon Tawnee was showing horses left and, while asking people to please be patient as she would get with them while she could.

It is always great and appreciated when visitors bring stuff for the horses. These folks brought 3 bags of senior feed, that stuff sure isn’t cheap! Thanks so much for your generosity.

By now it was around 11:00 am and there were about 14 cars in the driveway. Pretty much normal for a Sunday, but with no help, it was beginning to feel panicky. And then yet another car came down the hill, but it was an experienced volunteer: Amber! Tawnee was so thankful to have some good help to get her through the day. Tawnee gave her a quick overview of what was happening, who wanted to look at who, wished her good luck and disappeared into the crowed once again.

Major and Kaylee were adopted today by an approved adopter. Now transporting just needs to be arranged and they will be heading to their new home. Thanks so much for driving such a long distance and waiting patiently in line.

Toby, rescued from the last auction, went to his new home today. He was so cute, wide eyed, like he couldn’t wait to see what the future would hold for him.

The Appy from the last auction was adopted with Toby. They are buddies from the auction and we are so glad they could go to their new home together.

Some of the visitors got bored waiting and made themselves useful. They grabbed a shovel, a wheelbarrow, and started cleaning and mucking. Thanks so much for being helpful, there seems to always be something that needs to be done!

Amber really fit right in and made herself extremely useful. She filled her pockets with treats and headed out to the pasture. It wasn’t long before she had every horse following her around like an ice cream truck with a free sign on the side. She was just bonding with the horses, letting them know that they are loved.

Dawn, seen below, came out to look at horses today. Then she fell in love with the rescue operation, and wants to begin volunteering to train and work with the horses. She is hoping to bring down some more panels so she can have a private round pen to start training in. That would be great! This is the same Dawn that will be adopting the little colt coming to us from Animal Control. She also fell in love with Roan today and hopes to adopt her as soon as she is approved to adopt.

Finally things started settling down. Jason was working on the office off and on today as he could, trimming around windows and other things.

Ron came out again today and helped with the office. Now it is starting to glow, and is almost ready for paint.

Ann Marie came out to spend time with the horses. The three amigo’s, now the two amigo’s, settled down for the night. Then, all of a sudden…

..a huge loud crashing popping sound, all the horses in all the pens went galloping away from the loud sounds. A large limb fell off of a tree in the 20 acre pen. As soon as it was down the horses realized the world hadn’t ended so they all went over to investigate. We are so thankful there were no people or horses under the huge limb!

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  1. Wow! What a day! Wish we could have been there to help out.As crazy of a day as it was, what a blessing for people to be so interested in adopting, in NOVEMBER!!!Lynn and Ruby

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