First thing this morning Ron showed up with his truck and trailer up just as the sun was peaking over the hills. Moonlight was going to his new home today, and Ron would be delivering him along with picking up other horses. Jason generally does most of the deliveries, but there is so much stuff going on here at the rescue that Ron is going to be doing some deliveries for awhile.

Tawnee will sure miss Moonlight, they sure had a lot of snuggling time at the rescue. He sure has a lot of personality! Every horse is so special but some just touch our lives more than others.

Moonlight arrived safely in his new home. His new mommy is also the mommy of Goldy, who was rescued earlier this year from the same livestock auction that Moonlight was rescued at.

From there Ron headed on to pick up a horse that was surrenderd today. On the way there someone called up the rescue wanting to donate some tack, and as it wasn’t too far from his route he swung by to get it. Thanks so much for donating some tack!

Ok, don’t get your hopes up too high on this horse, we have not yet decided his adoption fee yet. Please don’t place any holds on this boy. He is currently not available for adoption. He is, however, a registered 10 year old, gelding, 16.1 hand Saddlebred showhorse, professionally trained. He has no lameness, and is not the typical horse coming into our rescue by any stretch of the imagination. His owner was no longer able to keep him due to health issues, and he wanted us to find him a great home and use the adoption fee to help save horses in need.

This photo of Boss was taken in October of this year, just about a month ago. He sure is a beautiful boy, and he looks even better all spiffed up.

Boss jumped right into the trailer, and the Ron was off to the next stop.

Ron headed to Ok Katie Kates boarding stable. They had their vet do some checking on her, and her lameness issues are not expected to ever be resolved. With this in mind, her adopter tearfully chose to surrender her to the rescue as she wanted a horse she would be able to ride. She loved Katie dearly and is heartbroken that it did not work out, but she is hoping that a horse in the near future will meet her needs.

From there Ron headed off to pick up a horse that had been on our surrender waiting list for some time. This poor mare broke her neck a couple years ago, and she just hasn’t been right since. She is unridable and was surrendered into our Last Act of Kindness program. We are hoping to find her a retirmenet pasture pal type home very soon.

Meanwhile at the rescue. Jason and Tawnee did office work most of the morning, Brianna is off most of this week so it is up to them to get it all done. Please be patient on having your emails returned.

Sally and James, barefoot trimmers, came out to help for a short time on their way to a another trimming appointment. They were killing some time in a good way. They pulled shoes off of one of the auction horses.

Then they worked on Dominic. Dominic is the youngest one from the Lucky 7 group, his hooves were terribly long and in just bad shape. It was making every step awkward for him. We were hoping to be able to tame him down enough to actually pick up his feet, but that just wasn’t going to happen quick enough. So, we put him in a panel shoot, gave him some sedation and soon he was in la-la land and not minding his trim. Sally and James went right to work on him.

It’s good to have experience when you’re working in, under and around a panel in between leg twitches. The job was done in no time and he is so much more comfortable now.

Soon he was out of the shoot and into the round pen, you can see how awkward his legs are, he is having to learn how to walk normally once again.

One of the horses from the auction had a BLM brand hiding under her neck, but we did not receive any paperwork with her from the auction. Tawnee shaved the brand down, read it, and called BLM. They said the paperwork was in order and there was no problems with her. Mustangs cannot be sold at auctions unless they have the title, which apparently was at the auction we just never got it.

The poor mustang mare above, when we rescued her she had a very tight halter on. We could tell it was tight, but when we took it off shortly after rescuing her, we found these terrible sores on all the pressure points on her face. It is so sad that the person who put the halter on was so uncaring about this poor mares feelings. It was cinched down so incredibly tight.

Tawnee helped Jason feed by taking bags of special feed for the skinny horses. Those 50 lb bags of feed are almost as big as she is!

Ron got back long after dark. Katie and Khalua hopped out and are spending the night in the round pen where they can
stretch, roll, eat drink and have a great night.

Boss’ turn came up next to be unloaded, and since he pretends he is royalty he is spending the night in the mare motel. He is used to living in a stall, so he will feel right at home.

The it was time to unload the tack and other donated items. Thank you everyone for donating items needed by the rescue!

And another busy, long, eventful day at the rescue has come to an end at 10:30 pm.

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