The Shares cards have finally made it! As you may remember, Foodmaxx, Lucky’s, Save-Mart and Smart Foods have a program where you can swipe this card and a percentage of your purchase goes to us. It doesn’t cost you a penny, and it could make the rescued horses a bunch of dollars. All you have to do is hand it to the cashier, they will scan it, and money will come. What a great opportunity! If you would like one and would actually use it, please email us you mailing address and how many you would like as you can share them with your friends too. info@savethehorse.com Once our initial 250 complimentary cards are gone we will have to purchase them, so please do give them to people that will actually use them.

Tawnee started the day off by picking up a horse that is going to the Euthanasia Clinic tomorrow. This poor guy is up into his 30’s and his owners could tell that his time has come. He would only suffer and go downhill this winter.

When Tawnee got back to the rescue she found Jason elbow deep in grease working on the truck. Ron was also out helping on the office, but Tawnee found him…

…welding a broken ride-through gate. It’s so nice to have people that can get stuff done around!

Tawnee loaded up Rose, the untouchable Mustang that Jason picked up a week or so ago. A very generous person has sponsored Rose to go to a trainer for 30 days to make her more adoptable, and we had a prospective adopter willing to adopt her once the training was done.

She settled right in at the trainers place. She had fresh food and water waiting for her.

From there Tawnee headed to bring Jai and Nook back to the rescue. Nook’s adopter found out that she is pregnant and so she does not have the time as Nook was going to be her project. She wanted give him back to the rescue in hopes that we can find somebody that will have the time to give him what he needs.

After Tawnee got back Ron loaded up the little mini-pony from the last auction rescue that was adopted the day of the auction. He also loaded up Jasmine to take her to her new home.

While Ron was heading out Jason headed out as well to the foster home in Gridley to bring Triscuit and Cinnamon back to the rescue. Both are in adoption pending and will hopefully be going to their new home soon.

When Jason got back and had unloaded the horses he went to work trimming the windows in the office. It’s a really cute design he came up with. The office is coming right along, it is ready for paint, then flooring, and it will be done.

Ron got to the pony’s home after dark, but they were so happy to have him home! There was so much that needed to be done at the rescue poor Ron got a late start on deliveries.

From there he delivered Jasmine to her forever home. Her mommy was so happy to have her, she’s been driving back and forth to visit her while she’s been at the rescue.

Then Ron went to pick up 4 horses that some concerned people raised the funds to get them out of the situation they were in. They are the result of backyard breeding. Hopefully the people that bred them will realize it is a money losing business opportunity all around to breed horses that have no future other than being rescued, and will just simply stop breeding!

Ron finally made it back to the rescue past 10:00 pm. The horses that were rescued, shown above, were unloaded and got settled in.

This is a Palamino Filly, about 2 years old.

2 of the horses that were rescued, both male possibly one is gelded, both young.

And this is a 7 month old baby. He sure is cute and gentle!

Ron is doing a great job transporting, but we keep hearing horror stories about a road the GPS sent him down yesterday. He says it was narrower than the trailer, dirt, and just a miserable drive. So we looked it up on Google Earth, and sure enough, it looks bad!

There is an interesting survey online regarding unwanted horses that one of our volunteers found today. Feel free to visit and fill it our if you have a few extra minutes! Click Here to see the survey.

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  1. Hi there! I’ve been reading your blog since you were featured on FHOTD for the euthenasia clinic. I love how many pictures you put up every day and tell about everything daily in just enough words. I love reading your blog and seeing how much you guys do. And that poor Ron on that road!!! I think I would have been scared to drive in just my car let alone with a truck and trailer! sheesh. Almost as bad as google trying to send you the wrong way down one way roads. lol Keep up the good work and showing these great stories.

  2. So can I guess today is the euthanasia clinic?Sending you mu support on what will be a difficult day….but knowing this is the right thing

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