11-19-08 | History was made – Free Euthanasia Clinic

Today history was made. The first ever free euthanasia clinic for equines occured. Tawnee and Claire headed out to the vet. Soon the horses started arriving, and along with the horses…

…the media came to document this historic event! There was TV news channels 10 and 3, in Sacramento, along with newspaper and magazine reporters. All waited in line to interview Tawnee, some had to wait quite awhile. Thanks for being patient.

Tawnee enjoyed explaining why the euthanasia clinic was a necessity and how it is helping the horse community at large.

The media also enjoyed poking their camera’s in the stalls the horses were settled into along with interviewing people that were surrendering their horses to be euthanized.

The owners of the horses were interviewed by the newspaper reporters as well. It was definitely a hard, emotional time for everyone.

We are very pleased to report that the horses that came to the clinic all had health issues and their time to pass on peacefully was here. This was exactly why this program was started, to give owners that cannot afford to pay the $350-$500 to have their horse euthanized and disposed a way to give their horse a loving, dignified end instead of being financially forced to sell it at a livestock auction or sell/give it to a killer buyer.

Three of the horses surrendered at the clinic, including this one, came to us from a horse rescue. They were rescued some time ago, but the rescue did not have the funds to euthanize these horses so they were very happy to take advantage of our clinic. It is sad that other rescues take on horses they do not have the resources to care for. We also understand that they have lost quite a bit of their finical backing in the downturn of the stock market. We are glad we were able to provide these three sweet horses a loving and dignified end to their wonderful lives.

This poor girl could barely walk, she is the owner of the hooves seen above, she could barely walk because she was in so much pain. Her hips have open sores because she had laid down for so long unable to get up, her side was rubbed raw. This girl’s ideal time for humane euthanasia past a long time ago, unfortunately the funds were not there to do what was right for her. Every rescue should have a euthanasia fund set aside for horses that are truly suffering with no hope for a recovery.

This horse was one of the three that came from the rescue, the poor horse’s knee looked like someone injected a cantaloupe in it. Thankfully, its days of suffering will be over. The actual euthanasia will be taking place tomorrow, there are 12 horses total that came into this clinic.

In between horses being dropped off Tawnee took a short break and headed into the vet office. Michelle said “I got theHorse magazine and you’re in it.” Sure enough, tucked in there nice and neat, is an article about our euthanasia clinic. Keep your eyes peeled, we are scheduled to be in a lot more magazines.

Tawnee also stepped in to see Mariah as he got his dental work done before he was transported down to the bay area for his boat ride to Hawaii on Friday. This is how horses get heavy duty teethe work done, they are sedated and their mouths are held open by braces and machinery.

After resting up after his dental work, Mariah loaded right up into Ron’s trailer. Mariah has been given a surfer nick-name – “The Grey Goose.”

It was time to head back to the rescue, Tawnee will be going back out to the vet in the morning to further evaluate the horses for adoptability. She brought the little guy from Animal Control back to the rescue. Ann Marie was at the rescue when Tawnee got back, and she had so much fun with this little guy. We have so many babies! People are, quite simply, dumping baby horses left and right, up and down and all around. Please if you can take care of and train a baby horse, we have plenty for you to come visit and just maybe fall in love with.

Here are a few of the young horses that came in last night. It is sad we are seeing more and more young skinny horses. It’s just not right. The four that came in last night definitly could use some weight. People are scrimping by on the amount of feed they give their horses since it is so costly.

Where was Jason today? Picking up this trailer that was donated! Believe it or not, it is a two horse straight (Tawnee’s favorite?) but it has 13′ of living quarters in the front. The plan is to fix it up and sell it to raise funds for the rescue.

The sunset was just so beautiful this evening we wanted to share a picture of it with you.

It seems our mail comes in waves. Sometimes there is nothing nothing nothing and then splash, we are overwhelmed. Thanks so much for sending letters, cards and donations. We recieved a generous donation of $1,000, half of it to be used for the Last Act of Kindness fund. Thank you so much for caring! We also recieved many hand written letters from the the┬áriding school where Mya was adopted on the Animal Planet “Petfinder” show. Thank you guys! We are glad we were able to save Mya and Cisco too. We are so happy you are enjoying them.

It seems we made headline news on Channel 10. It is right on their homepage. They wrote up a really nice article, click here to read it.

Channel 10 also has placed the video segment that aired on the news this evening on their website. Click here to watch it!

KCRA Channel 3 TV news did an article on us but has not put the video segment online that we can find. Click here to read the article though.

What an amazing, yet very sorrowful, day today was. It is always so sad when the time to pass on comes, but it is so wonderful that as humans we have been given the duty to do what is best for the animals in our care. Thank you so much for making this clinic possible. The horses that came to this clinic all desperately needed to be given love, care and the right to pass on gently.

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  1. We were thinking about you all day Tawnee. I am so glad the clinic went so well. Sad Day for everyone there but great day for those horses, and I think horsemanship in general. Everyone should be thinking of the end of their horses life as apart of the experience. We don’t like to think about death, but we owe it to our horses and all of our pets to care for them until th end.Thanks for opening up the conversation and for being so committed to the horses.Lynn

  2. you need to be really really certain that people understand that the clinic is only for animals whose time has come……… your channel 10 article was titled in such a manner it makes it sound like an easy out for someone who simply can’t afford their horses anymore…

  3. This is one of the most constructive things that I’ve seen any rescue do to address the problems facing horses today. If we hate slaughter, we have to make doing the right thing possible for low income horse owners. Kudos for having the courage to start it – now let’s see which other rescues follow suit!

  4. Thank you so much for offering the euthenasia clinic. I hope more organizations follow suit to give these guys the painless, dignified passing they deserve.

  5. Thank God for you. I really mean that. I know how hard this was for you to do. But it needed to be done. For the horses. This is from a fellow horse rescuer in Wisconsin.Thank you- Jenny Ashbacher- Second Chance Horse Rescue. We are all crying with you.

  6. Thank you for doing this. I know it was a hard couple of days for all, but it truly was the best option for the animals. That’s fifteen lives that ended in the company of caring humans, and fifteen animals not starving to death or slaughtered.I’m sure you’ll get some flak from the death phobic who don’t understand, so I’m letting you know there are strangers out in cyber land who are proud of you for standing up and doing what is right. It’s not easy, it’s heartwrenching, but it is the only humane option. Again, thank you.

  7. A good thing to host a clinic such as this. A need indeed. Too many cannot afford to care for their horses much less offer them the final relief they need. It is truly a great thing to do when all you can offer them from pain is a pain free death.Jan

  8. I’m in tears as I read this. Half in sadness for the poor hungry babies, and the poor hurting old horses, and half in an odd sort of joy that you are doing this. I know the pain of not being able to afford timely health care for a beloved pet. This clinic is easing the suffering of so many, both the horses and their owners. Thank you so much for performing this wonderful service! I hope you aren’t getting any attacks from do-gooder know-nothings who just don’t understand the difficulties of horse ownership in these hard times! I will be sending a donation in so you can continue this great work of love!Thank you!

  9. Well done guys, this was such a wonderful idea. I think the news footage was wonderful too. LUcky horses to have such a peaceful end when so many of them don’t:-(I plan to donate again for this in the future!

  10. You guys are angels. God bless you for helping these horses that need to be euthanized and for making it a bit easier on their owners in knowing they will be in caring and loving hands in their last moments.

  11. Euthanasia is the greatest gift we humans can give our animal children and companions when they are suffering and there is no hope for recovery. For all they give us, they deserve a quiet, painless death. Sometimes I wish we could do the same for our human friends and family. I cannot thank you enough for having this clinic. I hope others follow your example and that there are many more euthanasia clinics to come.

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