We spent the morning working with the horses, can you guess if Tawnee is riding the horse or leading the horse? Answer on Sunday nights blog.

The hay was getting low enough that it probably wouldn’t have lasted until Monday so Jason headed off to get hay.

First he unloaded the trailer. It sure will be nice when the hay barn gets finished!

It so much nicer watching a machine do the work instead of hand loading it.

Another 103 bales, another $1100. Hay is going up in price…

Annette came out to do some office cleaning today. Tawnee and her were sorting through papers, all of a sudden Tawnee gasped and Jason caught it on the camera.

There was a magazine, Living Legends, in the stack of paperwork with a black Mustang on the cover. The Mustang’s name is Dawnee, Tawnee’s first horse that she adopted from the BLM, gentled and trained. Tawnee sold Dawnee after a terrifying horse accident, and the purchaser still owns Dawnee to this day and is giving her an absolutely wonderful home.

Here is Tawnee and Dawnee many years ago, a few years before the terrible horse accident involving another horse and a family member.

Shares cards got packaged up and mailed out today. Thanks Claire for mailing them. Tawnee’s hand writing got sloppy at the end because there were so many to send, hopefully the funds will start rolling in from it.

Have a great weekend!

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