Bright and early Jason headed out to rent a tractor. We needed one ASAP!

Why did we need a tractor so early in the morning?

Miss Autumns Barkery had been working long and hard getting hay donated to us. She got 27 round bales, 34,000 lbs worth, donated. She figured out the most economical way to get the hay to Ca, and in the end she found a company that would put the hay on a train, ship it across the nation, and then bring it up to the rescue for $2500. Miss Autumn’s Barkery, in addition to all of her hard work, donated half of the shipping cost.

We just couldn’t wait to see the big truck loaded with hay. Jason’s heart sank when he saw the enclosed box trailer coming up the road. That was not in the days plan, was there really a way to get 1500 lb bales of hay out of the 53′ box?

The doors opened up, and sure enough, there was a bunch of giant bales of hay ready to unload.

The truck driver refused to drive the truck off of Dunstone, so we had to unload all the hay down on the side of the road, and then haul it up. So, Jason wrapped the tow strap around the first bale on top, hooked it up to the tractor, and the first 3 fell out. Maybe this would be easy after all.

Soon round bales of hay were spread out all over the side of the road. It ended up not being easy at all, but was extremely difficult especially as the trucker kept asking “How many more? I would have never done this if I had known!” After all, he only showed up an hour early…

About this time Sally and Sue came out to donate their time and trim horses. They were here from about noon until 4:00. Thank you so much for all your hard work! Tawnee got them started and headed out to help Jason with the hay some more.

By mid noon the semi trailer was unloaded and the truck driver was off to his next job. But then the huge job of getting all the bales to the rescue started. Tawnee would drive the truck and the flatbed that the tractor came on out, they would put 2 bales on it, tie another one to the tractor and head back to the rescue to unload.

The 5 horses that came in yesterday were more than delighted to have a huge round bale in their feeder. This was the first round bale fed to horses at the rescue, it went right into the feeder for the horses to enjoy.

More and more loading and moving of hay.

And more, as you can see it was getting dark and cold.

Ron came out to get his delivery assignments for tomorrow, and felt so sorry for Jason that he helped moved the hay. Finally about 8:30 pm all the hay was moved onto the rescues property. That was what was done today, moving hay, hay and more hay.

Ron got his delivery assignments, loaded up some panels to catch a hard-to-catch horse tomorrow, and he headed off.

Taking advantage of the tractor before it has to be returned, Jason put round bales into each of the large pens. No need to feed in there for a few days!

The horses are just tickled pink with the new hay, Tawnee took this picture and just couldn’t help but think about how sweet these horses faces are.

Tawnee got into the office and she got a phone call from someone desperate to help horses from the terrible fate of being slaughtered. She forwarded an email from Animal’s Angels of horses that had been brutally beaten at the “USDA overseen ‘humane’ slaughter house” that was operated in Texas. If you can stomach blatant brutality to horses, click this link, and then pause to think what must happen in the foreign countries that have no humanity laws. This is why it is so important that we are able to continue rescuing horses from auctions and hold euthanasia clinics, doing everything we can to keep horses from being slaughtered.

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