Jason got some tractor work done while it was here this morning bright and early. This drainage ditch needed to be re-done as it had filled in over summer.

Jason loaded up the tractor and headed off to return it.

Meanwhile, Ron had left early this morning for a long transporting job and was now at the Ca coast. Literally, on the beach. It looks cold, foggy and it was drizzling rain.

The first horse Ron loaded up was Blueberry. We rescued her in 2006 from auction. She was placed into a wonderful home, but then recently sadly the husband and wife divorced. The x-husband had custody of Blueberry, and he started overfeeding her. This is quite odd, usually the x starves the horses. We are glad that she had a great couple years, now it is time to find her a new home. It is always so sad when an adoption is not forever, but at least we know that Blueberry is safe and horses are always welcome back.

Ron headed out to pick up the next horse, he kept passing road narrows signs, he kept wondering how narrow it could get. Well, it went down to a 1 lane road, but thankfully it was paved and he had no troubles.

He arrived at the 50 acre pasture this horse had been turned out in 2 years ago. He had been in a severe trailer accident where the trailer actually rolled over with him in it. When his owner moved to New Mexico, he could not get his frightened horse into a trailer and was forced to leave him behind. Now, he could no longer stay in the pasture due to health issues, so Ron worked his magic.

The uncatchable was caught.

The unloadable was loaded. This all happened within 2 1/2 hours from arriving.

Back in Missouri two empty stalls sat waiting. Waiting for…

…the transporter to arrive with…

…Crusoe and …


The horses were settled down into their stalls at their new home. They were then blanketed, fed and loved on. These two horses have come a long way, from being at a feedlot, arriving at our rescue, and then a gracious opening for these two off the track TB’s to go live with a wonderful family all the way in Missouri. Thank you for openinng your hearts and home to these two sweet horses.

This evening it started clouding up enough to make us worried about rain ruining the new hay, so Jason got to cover all the hay. Jason may very well be sick of looking at hay, much less working with it.

Annette worked late into the evening doing adoption applications. She got a lot done, a lot of messages are out for references to call in, but finally the adoption applications feel like they are under control once again.

Ron got back around 8:00. This is the horse that was uncatchable/unloadable that he picked up last.

And there is Blueberry on the left. They are both spending the night in the round pen so they can meet everyone over the fence and be safe and quiet for the night.

Tawnee spent every spare minute she could working on the website, changing a few things. Hopefully it looks even better. The euthanasia clinic fund goal has been raised to $10,000 so that we can continue these clinics for old, injured, lame or sick horses so that they do not end up in the slaughter pipeline.

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