The auction fund got its first donation today, for $25. The goal for this months auction rescue fund is $5,000. We plan on rescuing around 20 horses depending on the prices and our space, but if we rescue just 16 horses this auction we will have rescued 200 horses from the auction this year. That is 200 horses that very likely would have been slaughtered. With you help we can reach our goal of 200 horses saved from the auction!

Some new volunteers who adopted Hugs the dog made a 6 hour trip to come volunteer at the rescue today. They cleaned a lot of stalls, brushed and groomed, and overall made themselves very useful. Thanks so much! Hugs and all of her pups are doing great, and all the puppies are lined up to go to wonderful homes.

Jason painted the office today, twice. First the coat of primer went on, then it dried, then the final paint coat went on. The trim needs to be painted, the flooring laid, and the office inside will be done! It will be so great to finally have it finished. Next project: hay barn being built.

Annette came out and was able to do a few applications, but then it started sprinkling so she and the volunteers made sure all the hay was covered. The wind blew some of the plastic off, but Tawnee, Annette and the volunteers made short work of putting it all back on.

Jason headed into town to do some banking and to buy the rest of the supplies (hopefully) needed for the office. When he got back it was after dark and raining harder, so he had to unload the truck right away and put all the tools in the office.

Today was peaceful and slow, pretty expected the day before Thanksgiving. So many people are gathering with friends and family, we hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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