The auction rescue fund received another generous donation today and it is currently at $650. This can go a long ways towards saving lives in this terrible economy where horses are being shipped to slaughter in record numbers.

First thing this morning Aquarius’ approved adopter made the long trip to adopt him. They will be working with him to come to a solution to his lameness. His lameness has been getting better since we had him shoed with pads, but he is still a little off. We are hoping that this will be his forever family.

Deb came out and worked all day with the horses. Fiddle (pictured below) enjoyed being messed with and is very nice to ride. He is an approximately 10 year old, trained to ride gelding. We saw no signs of lameness. Please consider giving this sweet boy a forever home.

Ron pitched in wherever he could today and gave Precious his first leading lesson at the rescue. Ron loves working with the baby horses and will no doubt be working with them more to make them adoptable. Thanks Ron!

Our biggest concern when we heard the round bales were heading our way was how to move them. At over 1200 lbs each, it is no simple matter to get them fed to the horses. A tractor would make this job very feasible. Alas, we do not own a tractor. We need a tractor, but as of yet have not had the resources to purchase nor has a tractor been donated. Our first thought was to unravel them and feed them little bits at a time.

We make do with what we do have to get the hay to the horses. Tawnee and Claire, who was over helping out today, put their heads together, got the donated truck fired up, put it in 4wd, roped it up to a hay bale, and drug it to the horse pens. This is obviously not an ideal solution, but for the present it works ok. It’s nice to know there is a way to move them.

The first bale they moved was into the baby pen. The baby’s were so wide eyed, they have never been that close to so much hay before in their lives. One of the baby’s, once the hay had been spread out somewhat, curled up as close as he could to the hay, and took a nice long nap.

Another hay bale went to one of the large pens. Volunteer Amber helped remove the netting from that bale.

Teresa showed up today, she asked Tawnee if there was anything she could do to help. Tawnee handed her the camera and said “Almost all the horses need pictures taken.” With a look of amazement, Teresa took the camera out to the pastures and started taking pictures. It wasn’t too hard, she just had to hang out around the big hay bales. Hopefully we will have updated Petfinder pictures soon.

When Teresa was done with the photo shoot she went to work in the tack room. She got that all organized, fell in love with a saddle that was going to the next auction as a fundraiser, paid a great deal more than we would have gotten at the auction, and went home the happy owner of a new saddle. Thanks Teresa!

Long lost Becky showed up today. It was a pleasure having her out at the rescue again and she was definitely a great help! Her and Boss had a little chat, and we believe that Boss has yet another person wrapped around his hooves. Thanks for coming out Becky, we have missed you so much!

The inside of the office is officially finished, so the great move has begun. Here Jason and Tawnee are moving a giant desk in through the front door. Please be understanding if emails, updates, and phone calls are delayed a bit through the move.

It was a long day, but a lot got accomplished too. We were still out working when the stars came out. Ann Marie came out this evening to work with Sissy and then on to the baby’s. Thanks for coming out Ann Marie! Tawnee decided to take a snapshot of the moon, she figured it would be a flop, but this time it turned out not to be!

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