Money was donated towards saving lives today, thank you so much! The auction rescue is currently at $700. There are 13 days until the auction, please donate what you can to help us help the horses. We’ve made donating easier…

Network for Good partnered with us and we can now accept credit card donations right on our website. It’s secure, safe, and just so easy to help us help horses! We would love to receive some donations, even $5 helps out a lot, so just click here. Let’s give this new system a workout! Tax receipts will be automatically emailed, so you will have a receipt as soon as you donate. Many of you remember how long our tax receipt mail out takes every January, this should help lesson that early year crunch.

theHorse.com did a followup article about our euthanasia clinic and gelding clinic. Click here to read it. We love the media attention that helps spread the word about horses in need.

Today was primarily an office moving day. There is so much stuff to be moved! To be honest, we were tempted to hire an office moving company to take care of the move for us! One of our friends recently moved their office and the movers they used did such as good job of transporting all of their office furniture and technology. Anyway, here Jason is taking down a table in the old office in Jason and Tawnee’s house.

And here is the new office taking shape on the inside. Annette and Claire came out today to make it shine. Brianna was supposed to come out today but didn’t make it.

Ron worked with the horses today and Tawnee showed horses to folks through the day. We had a bit of a shocker around mid day. When Claire left she called us on her cell phone “I think some of the horses are loose.” Jason and Ron raced off to round them up, and sure enough, 5 horses had gotten out and where trotting off down Dunstone. Thankfully they were able to round all the horses up. We couldn’t figure out how the horses got loose, the electric fence had become unplugged so we figured they must have gone through the fence, but, it was still a lot of horses through the fence.
Dawn, who has Roan in adoption pending, and who also has Milo Splits (the poor little yearling from Animal Control) in adoption hold, came out to meet Milo Splits today. She fell in love with him and her kids really enjoyed making Milo Splits feel loved.

While she was out she had to ride Blueberry, and she is thinking about giving her a home as well. Fire, the bay, that was in the 50 acres that Ron caught, loves to hang out with Blueberry. Fire looked like he wanted to roll…

…so he laid down, rolled, and then…

…hopped right back up and kept following Blueberry.

Dawn is truly in love with Roan she is so happy with her. She gave us the news that she won’t be able to come down and volunteer regularly, but we look forward to her helping when she can.

Remember the horses getting out? Well, this is why. Jason found the holes in the fence after dark. It was on the high end of the 20 acre pasture. It was neatly cut in 3 different places and then pulled open. Many of you that have come out to the rescue recently have noticed the mounds of rubbish on the road that some people could confuse with speed bumps. The neighbours on the right coming up Los Flores have been upset ever since we purchased the property years ago. It may be coincidental, but we got a letter from their lawyer today stating that if people continue to drive fast past their driveway they will block access. As if we needed more grumpy people to worry about, now we have to worry and be on the prowl to catch neighbours cutting fences. We are hoping to get a couple surveillance camera’s to keep an eye on things. It’s an unfortunate world we live in where we may have to spend money on surveillance equipment instead of hay and other supplies. But we must do our best to ensure that horses at the rescue are safe. The grumpy neighbours today proved that people will hurt innocent animals because of pure hatred and a little dust.