The auction rescue fund received some more donations today, it is currently at $760, the goal is only $4,240 away. There are still 12 days left to go, we can do this!

First thing this morning Tawnee loaded up Cooper to take him to the vet. Cooper is in adoption pending and his adopter needs a health checkup, Coggins test, and get him up to date on vaccinations.

Boss also went along to the vet. We have been searching diligently to find the perfect home for Boss and we believe we have found it. A wonderful home in Colorado has stepped forward to give Boss a forever home. The lady has other Saddlebreds she has rescued. She understands the breed and has a true love and passion for them. She’s making a generous donation along with giving Boss such a great home. Thank you so much!

Boss needed his Coggin’s test and a health certificate. Our vet, Michelle, just about fell in love with him on the spot. If she only had known he was at our rescue she probably would have adopted him in a heartbeat, but she says it’s a good thing she didn’t know. She’s taken in a lot of rescues and has enough horses for one person to care for. Boss is staying at the vet and is being transported this Friday.

Cooper was a good boy having his shots and blood drawn. He was a little champ.

Ron came out today and evaluated horses some more. Hopefully very soon each and every horse at the rescue has a full evaluation and we can find them the perfect home. But, we need homes for the horses to go to, so if you know of anyone that is looking for a horse, pass along word about our rescue efforts!

Here Ron also enjoyed working with the baby horses. They really need some good one on one time, learning how to be respectful, obedient horses.

Claire was on the phone all day, answering questions, arranging transporting, and generally making the people on the other end of the phone happy.

Long lost Brianna finally came out, she really enjoyed having Thanksgiving holiday with her family. We put her right to work painting the outside of the office and she got most of it done today.

Volunteer Becky just can’t stay away now, but this time she showed up with gifts! She brought out shavings for the stalls, when Becky was out here yesterday she noticed that we had recently ran out of shavings, so she brought out an entire SUV full of shavings for us. Thank you so much Becky!

After the shavings were unloaded she helped clean out the stalls and spread some of the shavings she brought.

Yet another animal rescue voting contest is going on. This one is hosted by Care2.com and Adopt-a-Pet, and there is a very good chance that there will be no fraudulent voting going on. It is easy to vote, just click here. So far the leaders only have 150 votes, and we have over 300 blog readers every day, so please vote! Your vote will really help out at the early stage in the game.

Annette has reconsidered her schedule and will unfortunately not be working with us much more. She may come out on occasion when she feels the beckoning of the horses, but as of today she will be focusing on being a great Gramma. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication Annette! You’ve been through a lot with us, from babysitting kids at a protest, being bit by Pinky, standing by sick horses and making them feel better, mucking endless stalls, moving wheel barrow after wheel barrow of manure to the pile. Thank you again, you deserve a gold star! We look forward to seeing you off and on.

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