The auction fund received a donation today, it is currently at -$130. The thermometer shows $770, so read on to find out what happened today. The goal on the fund remains at $5,000.

Early this morning one of our people, shall we say Agent X, hooked up the trailer and headed out for a rescue run at a livestock auction. Tawnee could not go as her mere sight inspires riots, bid padding, and other negatives. Oh, and Tawnee was going to be busy at the rescue today. At Roseville Auction Tawnee has gained the respect of the auction owners, so she is not bothered much, but at other auctions they tend to harass her. Many auction houses dislike NorCal coming and buying horses up horses, keeping the prices above what KB’s like to pay, thus their special clients drive away with empty trailers and no profits. So, Agent X headed out to save lives.

Tawnee received a phone call the other day that was very moving. Back in 2006, we got a phone call from Kelly that she had gotten a pony that was dangerous and was striking at her daughter. Was there anyway we could help her? The pony just had to get into another family without small children and that could help the poor pony out. We agreed to take the pony in. Kelly had also fallen in love with one of the horses on our website, Blueberry. When she brought the pony up to surrender him to us she was so shaken up and sad that she had to let him go that she felt she just could not bring another horse into her family at that time. The love of her pony was just to strong to want to replace him. She did become approved to adopt before she came up, but when it came to meeting Blueberry she fell in love with her, but decided that now was not the time.
Since that time she has kicked herself for not adopting Blueberry. We had not received any contact from her until a few days ago when she saw that Blueberry was back. She says that she thought about calling us a few times over the last couple years to tell us to let her know if Blueberry ever came back, but she never did as she understands we are extremely busy, and, what were the chances of Blueberry coming back?
Kelly was overjoyed when she was able to come see Blueberry again this morning. Blueberry and her definitely hit it off once again, she submitted a new adoption application and Blueberry should be on her way to her forever loving home very soon.

Some horses are being brought early for the euthanasia clinic. Like this poor mare, with crippling arthritis. She has been on Bute pain medication but now the Bute is not doing her any good, so she is in constant agony. We are going to try to get her into the vet early since her pain is unmanageable.

Agent X arrived at Orland. When Tawnee was doing the pictures tonight she couldn’t help but chuckle about the first time she remembers seeing that cow when she was 6 years old. At that time Tawnee firmly believed that the cow had been alive, but was dipped in super glue, dried off and stuck up there. How abusive!

We were contacted by an individual who was extremely worried about 4 horses that would be heading to this auction. The horses owner had no intention of sending her horses to auction, but her husband divorced her suddenly, she had no money, was filing bankruptcy and the bankruptcy court had taken possesion of the horses and ordered them sold at auction. Every horse deserves to be saved from the KB’s, but in some instances we have the funds to be able to help in special situations like these. Yes, we used the auction funds a little early.

Agent X rescued 3 of the horses talked about above, and one poor sad Arab mare before he ran out of funds. Most of the other horses at the auction, including two stallions, were purchased by killer buyer Ronny and headed off to slaughter. Agent X does not regularly attend auctions and so X does not see this on a regular basis, so it is hard for X to watch innocent horses load up, bound for slaughter, knowing there is nothing he/she can do. Tawnee checked out the photo’s to confirm that it was the KB. He had a smaller trailer than normal at that auction, but he still got 3 horses into it doomed to die very soon. We hope and pray that the fund raising will go good so that we do not have to watch KB’s load horses into trailers at the Roseville Auction on the 14th. Even $10 can go a long ways towards saving a life, and we have a new improved easy to use donation page on our website. Click here to help safe a life!

Back at the rescue the baby horses were all enjoying their big bale of hay. Mel Splits often lays down and just can’t seem to get close enough to the big round bale while he snoozes. Nook loved laying in it too, soon he was sprawled out as well, sound asleep.

Ron was out evaluating, working with horses, and all the other tasks he could find to help out with. The bad economy does mean that people are laid off of work, it’s really sad but it
is nice to have Ron helping with the horses. He does need a job that will pay his bills…

Agent X was back with the horses before dark! This means there are two more baby horses at the rescue. We have more baby/young horses than we have ever had in the rescue at one time before. It is really sad, so many people who bred horses hoping to make a quick dollar, now find that the baby’s are worthless. Baby’s are being weaned and dumped left and right. Please, if you can open your home to one of these cute baby’s, let us know!

First the two mares got out of the trailer. The one on the left is the Arab mare, trained to ride, nice easy going and gentle, we are told she is 8 but we have not confirmed this. The one on the right is a registered 6 year old QH mare that is trained to ride we are told. The writeup says she was trained in cutting. She is one of the bankruptcy horses.

The baby’s didn’t really want to get out, but with some gentle coaching from Tawnee they hopped out and their long scary day was over.

They are both so very cute, especially the little white one. She is actually a Perlino / white paint. So so pretty with two blue eyes.

Rescuing the 4 horses from the Orland Livestock Auction took right about $900. It was kind of shocking that the KB’s are willing to pay $200 per horse right now. Generally KB’s don’t like paying more than $150 in northern Ca. The good news is: the Orland Auction will no longer be selling horses come January 1st, so KB’s like Ronny will be unable to drive there and easily load up with horses. Thank you Agent X for taking time from your busy schedule to go brave the auction for us. The 4 horses owe their lives to your bravery. They also owe their lives to you, our supporters, for your generosity!

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  1. As I have been looking over your blogs I noticed this one. We The Wood family adopted one of the orland horses that this blog is about. Her name from you was Rosie Posie and my son named her Reba. She is trained to ride and is the love of his life. She sure is enjoying life on the Wood ranch. I will post a picture soon I recently developed some pics.

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