Thankfully the auction fund received some more donations today, currently $820.00 has been donated towards the Dec 14th auction rescue. With your help more lives will be saved on the 14th!

Early this morning Ron loaded up Major and Kaylee. They were going to their new home, and Ron had the privilege of taking them down.

They both loaded safely and without any trouble and he was off.

Major’s new mommy is so thrilled to have him safely home!

And Kaylee snuggled right up like she knew she was home for good. It is so wonderful that people are willing to provide loving, safe forever homes to rescued horses.

They love their new pen and seem very happy and content.

At the rescue, where it seems no one took responsibility for getting pictures taken, Jason ran the phone wire for the office. Now the entire office has been moved and is set up. We are going to strive to have someone in the office answering the phone between 10 and 3, Sunday through Thursday. These will be our winter operating hours. If you need to contact us during non-operating hours, please email. During the week visitors are still by appointment, but you are welcome to come out on Sunday’s between 10 and 3. We are gone the 2nd Sunday of the month to the auction. so please no visitors on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Remember we are closed Friday and Saturdays. For the Friday blog it will feature a rescue story for your weekend reading enjoyment.
Tawnee showed horses today to potential adopters. Hopefully some more horses will be going to their new homes soon. Claire worked on getting clinic pledges filled, and a whole bunch of other office work. Tawnee and Claire talked to three different TV news stations today, so soon you should be able to see us on TV once again. We’ll be sure and post up the links if they have them streaming.
We have been hearing some crazy rumours about NorCal lately ever since that little rescue on the coast sent all the false rumors flying around. There are some funny rumours such as: “There is no way anyone would donate $10,000 in cash, they’re just big liars.” There’s been some puzzling ones such as: “They euthanized 800 horses in 1 day!” and then there are the ones that could be upsetting: “There is no way they are placing all the horses into homes they say they are.” One lady came out to the rescue today, and after asking Tawnee a bunch of odd, leading questions she announced “You guys aren’t bad, you really are helping the horses!” If you hear of any other crazy rumours, send it on and the source if there is one. Most of them are quite amusing, where do people come up with this stuff?

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