As we announced in yesterdays blog we were going to be taking Friday’s off during the winter months. Apparently not today though.

First thing this morning an urgent phone call came in for Tawnee. One of the horses we had adopted locally awhile ago was laying down repeatedly, with apparent signs of colic, and the owners had no trailer to get it to the vet. Tawnee raced off to help out.

When she arrived he was standing so they got him into the trailer ASAP.

The vet said he was not colicing, but that he was feeling under the weather. He was sent home with medications, but this winter might be too much for the old boy. His owners are going to keep him blanketed and do everything they can for him. Hopefully life starts looking up for him!

While Tawnee was gone a huge bale of alfalfa hay was donated. 1400 lbs of alfalfa in 1 giant bale. Thanks so much for donating it!

This 27 year old horse was surrendered to the rescue so that we can hopefully find him a new home. He lived way up in the mountains, and the winter is getting very cold up there. He is still sound and healthy, a good riding horse, with a cute name of Soda.

Teresa came out today to groom horses and help out where she could. She was very helpful, thanks so much for coming out today!

So, no rescue story this Friday, maybe next Friday we will get the day off?

Have a great weekend!

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