Over the weekend the auction fund received some good donations, it is currently at $1145 with 7 days left until the auction. Please give what you can to help save lives! Our goal is $5,000 for the rescue and care of horses this month. If we rescue 12 horses at this auction we will have saved 300 horses from an unknown fate, most likely slaughter, from livestock auctions in California this year! What a great Christmas present that would be for the horses, but we need your help to make it happen.

We would like the thank Bandit Blue for their continued support. They have an excellent online store with many wonderful custom hand made gift items, and they donate 7% of every order to our rescue. Visit them for great gifts for your horse loving friends! Click here.

We got a great update from Molly Brown’s adopter. “Molly Brown is doing great. She is getting lots of love and attention. Her coat is getting thick! Her belly is so soft and furry! Happy, of course, is as happy as could be. ” Thanks so much for giving her such a great home! Molly went to live with a family who’s pony, Happy, we evacuated during the summer fires.

First thing this morning bright and early Blue Berry’s mom came to adopt her. She just couldn’t quite get here early enough, the fog seemed to have slowed her down, but she was still the first one here. Blue Berry is going to be so loved and spoiled. Thanks so much for giving her a great home.

It was a cold foggy day. Jason and volunteer Larry got some big round bales moved into the horse pens. They are all so happy to have the big bales to munch away on.

Volunteer April spent quite some time cleaning stalls. Thanks for lightening our cleaning jobs! It’s a never ending task.

Cooper also went home today, look at the grins on every ones faces! You can tell he is going to be over-loved for sure.

Claire was here today answering the phones and Becky was out making herself quite useful filing papers. Thanks so much! Becky got quite cold working outside, and so we found her the perfect inside job.

Fiddle was adopted into his forever home as well today. He is going to a sweet family who was refereed to us by a repeat adopter. Thank you for telling your friends to come visit us when they are wanting a new addition to their family.

Larry and April took down several hundred feet of barbed wire and cut it up into manageable sections. Yay, the barbed wire is disappearing, before any major injuries resulted from it. When we moved out here 3 sides of the property were strung with barbed wire, and slowly it’s being replaced with much safer horse fencing.

Roan loaded up into Ron’s trailer for the trip to her new home with Dawn. Dawn is going to be boarding Roan and Moe Splits, and will be too busy with her own horses to volunteer to come train Norcal horses. Maybe next spring when it warms up…

Moe Splits was also loaded up for his new home with Dawn. Such a warm, fulfilling feeling to see this guy get a home. He looked so hopeless when Tawnee first saw him, he was doomed for Euthanasia at Animal Control within a few days, but we brought him into the rescue and now he is heading off to a great home where he will be given the love and training that he so desperately craves.

Deb came out today working with the horses, and despite her hands being blue from the cold she worked on. Here she is grooming Chiquita. Chiquita is a Mustang who is halter broke.

Toots was adopted and left for her new home today. Toots was abandoned, picked up by Animal Control, and is now going to a home that loves her very very much.

As we are collecting video footage with an emphasis on abandoned horses for a segment on a national TV show, we interviewed Toot’s new owner on video. Thank you for being brave and such a great speaker on film.

Jason pounded several dozen T-posts getting ready for the new fencing. It will be such a burden off of our staffs mind to have all the barbed wire off of the fence line. Larry was a great help running the line, moving T-posts and was just extremely helpful all day.

Amber and Brianna cleaned and helped with the horses. They made themselves extremely useful doing all the menial chores that need to be done. Finally the long day was over and it was time to put everything away.

After all the adopters and visitors left, Tawnee loaded up the Perlino and white filly, now named Snow Angel Beauty, and transported her to her new hom
e today. She was adopted by volunteers April and Larry, who has adopted from us in the past and provide a great home for their horses. Thanks Larry and April!

After Snow Angel Beauty was delivered, Tawnee picked up Sugar, a 10 year old QH mare, trained to ride, who just wasn’t fitting in with her family. Her previous owners are hoping that we will be able to find her a great home.

Tawnee also picked up two little minis. They’ve been hanging out in the pasture for 8 years now. Well, mommy named Patty has been there for 8 years, but…

…her son named Buck has been there for 5 years, his entire life. Buck has no training whatsoever but Patty is trained to lead. Buck is a gelding. He is so cute, he just jumped out of the trailer like an old pro.

And then it was Sugar’s turn. She hopped right out of the trailer with no fuss and is settled in for the night.

It would be wonderful if we could find Patty and Buck a home together, as they have lived together for many years.

After Ron delivered Roan and Moe Splits, he headed out to pick up a horse that had been adopted but has some underlying lameness issues. Due to his lameness issues he is no longer able to stay in his adoptive family so he has come back to us. We will be consulting with our vet as to his quality of life. It may be that living in a flat area will cause him to overcome his pain and lameness.

A previous adopter came out to visit today, and after observing the rescue for a little while he walked up to Tawnee and said “You need a tractor!” Tawnee said “I know…” with the wistful look on her face. Well, Dennis is a man of action, and he knows of an older tractor that he is going to do his best to get donated. Best wishes to your efforts, that would be absolutely wonderful.

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