The auction fund is currently at $1,295. That’s not what the picture says, but another $100 donation came in from the time the picture was done until the blog was written. Thank you so much for your generosity, there is still $3705 left to raise by next Sunday. Please help if you can!

Jason got some concrete, mixed it up in a wheelbarrow and poured a slab around the dry well. We’ve decided not to fill it in, but rather keep it as a well. It produces a little bit of water, and just like donations, every little bit helps!

Tawnee worked hard in the office today. She got every horse currently available at the rescue up on Petfinder. It got delayed with the moving of the office, which was also officially completed today as well.

Now, you can easily see which horses are available. They all really need homes! Click here for the available page.

This stout little guy is one of the mini’s that was surrendered yesterday. He doesn’t know how to lead yet, but he is willing to learn. He is a sweet little guy, they would make a great Christmas present. He sure is cute, he looks like a miniture Frisian.
You may remember us talking about GoodSearch. Well, we got a check from Goodsearch, and while it wasn’t a tremendous amount of money, doing something as simple as searching the Internet using Goodsearch instead of Google gave the horses an extra bag of feed. Goodshop is also available, they have almost every major Internet retailer, and with Christmas season, you can easily give money to help horses while doing your gift shopping! It won’t cost you a penny. Just visit www.GoodSearch.com, enter NorCal Equine Rescue, and search/shop away!

Tawnee’s plan today was to get the horses up on Petfinder and to get an E-news out to raise awareness for the upcoming auction. The horses still desperately need help, and during the holiday season it is particularly difficult to raise funds. After the horses were up on Petfinder she almost gave up, tired and weary from all the computer work, but she pressed on and got it sent out. This is a special edition, she will be working on a regular e-news update to send out soon. Click here if you did not get an E-news and you would like to see it.

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  1. Girlfriend, your hair is so adorable on this blog (the pic of you doing office work). You should do it like this more often! Tawney you are such a amazing person and so adorable. There should be many more pics of you on this blog. Keep up the great work!!!!

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