We are almost half way there! A total of $2,110 has been donated for the Dec 14th auction rescue. Thank you so much for your generosity, we know we can make it to the goal.

We have been having some questions about our new donation page on our website, particularly regarding the security symbol. The donation section of the page is 100% secure, all of your donation information is securely collected by Network for Good’s 128 bit SSL encryption. We are working on a way to make the security symbol show up on your browser. If you would like to donate through Paypal you are also welcome to donate that way also.

Today Jason and Tawnee headed up to the hills to pick up Gracie. She had been showing odd and aggressive behavior towards her adopter, other horses and other people. She would bolt and pace at odd, random times. Her adopter called us up last night, extremely worried, because Gracie has been running straight through fences. If she ran through the road fence it could be really bad. We weren’t sure how the loading operation would be so Jason and Tawnee headed off for the all day trip while Claire took care of the office work.
Gracie’s adopter haltered her and led her over safely to the waiting trailer.
A gentle suggestion from Tawnee and she hopped right in easy as can be. Thank you Gracie for not making our afternoon one of trouble!

We were also hoping we could pick up 5 horses that were being given away from a herd reduction, but we couldn’t manage to co-ordinate it all today, so they are still on our to-do list. Valiant efforts were made to track the owner down, but today was not to be. Jason and Tawnee headed back, and it sure was a beautiful drive.
It is sure nice to see the price of Diesel coming down. A few months ago we never thought we would be able to buy it for less than $4 a gallon, definitely not less than $3.50. Now it’s dipping into the $2.30’s, and it is greatly helping out the bottom line. More money can be used for caring for horses like Gracie instead of enriching the fuel companies.

Jason and Tawnee made it back safely long after dark and got Gracie settled her in for the night. Overall about 400 miles were driven to get Gracie back to the rescue. We will be re-evaluating Gracie to see if her problems were environmental or psychological.

Thanks so much for keeping the office going and answering the phone Claire! And thank you for your much needed support in our rescue efforts.

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