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As promised in yesterday’s blog, the news segment taken yesterday by KTVU covering the euthanasia clinic is now up on their website. Please click here to view the coverage.

A horrible tragedy occurred this morning near San Diego. Flooding caused several horses to lose their lives and some people were sent the hospital. Click here to see the video at www.weather.com

Ron came over to the rescue to transport Clancy, Xanthos, and Endure to their new home. Tawnee loaded up Freckles and Fire to take to the vet to be checked out.
Endure needed a little encouragement from Ron and Jason to hop in the trailer to start the 3 hour trip to his new home. Clancy and Xanthos were loaded soon after and they were on their way.

Tawnee arrived at the vet with Freckles and Fire for their check-ups. Fire was examined for an old calcified lump on the side of his face. After examination the vet determined that the lump was in fact an old injury and he would be fine for adoption. Freckles passed her pre-adoption exam with flying colors and will soon be heading to her new home.

Clancy and his new family say hello and pose for a picture. They seem to be a wonderful match with all the horses they chose to add to their family.

Clancy, Xanthos and Endure enjoying their first meal in their new home. They settled in well and Ron said goodbye as he drove back to the rescue.

Ron arrived safely at the rescue. Ron and Claire both decided to foster Balina, and so she will be going to their ranch until she can find a home. This evening they began their first blog for NorCal. Ron and Claire will be doing the blog next week to make sure their training is completed and to give Jason and Tawnee a break. Please be understanding of any stylistic changes in the blog. We hope that it remains entertaining and informative. Jason and Tawnee both feel it is extremely important to have trustworthy people trained to perform all of Norcal’s duties in the event of sickness or injury, which in rescue work is extremely likely. Just tooday 3 people were sent to the hospital down in San Diego working on rescuing horses as seen in the video near the beginning of the blog.

Thank you again for your support and please bare with the bloggers in training.

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