What a nice surprise to find a box arrive at our gate addressed to NorCal. Inside we found shirts and brushes and buckets. A big “thank you” to Donna for your thoughtfulness during this holiday season. Ordered from www.horse.com

Along with that nice box we also found a beautiful hanging metal art. The perfect gift that will be mounted in our new office! A huge “thank you” to Bandit Blue for the wonderful gift!

The day started out nice and brisk and a bit damp. Ron headed out to pick up a horse to bring back to the rescue. Back at the ranch Claire answered phones and Tawnee showed horses. Two people came to look at Patty and spent time walking her and taking pictures as she posed for the camera.

Others arrived and along with Patty’s visitors, visited with other horses. Tawnee gave them information on those who may fit as potential new family members.

The rain began but the visitors were not bothered as some stayed through it all! Tawnee also “weathered” it all. Another horse received one- on- one attention in the rain and all. What wonderful people to stay and love on the horses even in the weather. We know the horses were very grateful!

The rain only got worse while Ron was on the road picking up a horse to bring back. As you can see the picture was taken in a downpour and the camera just would not cooperate. Of course, that may have had something to do with the armature blogger and photographer at work. Thanks for your understanding!

Even with the rain the phones rang and the visitors came! Thank you all for your support and your patience this next week as we undergo more training in the office.

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