A muddy day is what we saw this morning. At least the sun was out and the horses enjoyed the rays of sun on their muddy bodies. They loved rolling in mud.

Other residents relaxed in the safety and warmth of the sheltered area. The camera caught them lounging in a nice pile of hay. Dottie and Macho Man kept the goats company. It is certainly funny to see that some goats are even bigger than some horses!

On the way out from NorCal a few days ago some of the staff happened to come across a stray horse. Ron and Claire are very use to picking up stray cats and dogs and birds and horses. Tawnee and Jason came to the rescue and loaded the horse up then drove him back to the rescue. This horse was loose earlier in the day and Tawnee and Jason put the horse back in and made sure the gate was closed securely and left a note. But he made his way out again.

A call came in today asking about the horse we had found and while talking to the man we determined that the horse was his. They came and loaded him up and were on their way home back to his pasture. They found that not only had he escaped from the pasture but his pasture pals had as well. Upon further investigation horsehair was found on a gate that had appeared to be pushed open by the horses. They will return to look for the others who appear to be missing.

The staff here at NER had a slow day that allowed for a few extras to be attended to. Continued “thank yous” for your patience with the “newbies in training.”

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