As some of you may have suspected the reason Ron and Claire were so active over the last week was because, unbelievably enough, Jason and Tawnee were out of town visiting relatives over the Christmas season. This is the first time Jason and Tawnee have taken a vacation, or even a break, from the 24/7 care of rescued horses ever since they started rescuing horses almost 6 years ago. The closest thing they ever got to a vacation was the Animal Planet filming, but even that was work. There is one thing Tawnee and Jason didn’t teach Ron and Claire how to do was how to update the website, so all the donations towards the various programs were not updated until this evening. The website is current now.

On Christmas day, we received an extremely generous $1,000 donation for the auction fund from Scott in honor of his wife’s, Tanya, birthday. What a wonderful gift of life to give his wife on Christmas day! Thank you so much for your generosity, and we would like to send a huge “Happy Birthday!” to Tanya!

This has been a record breaker for the auction fund, thanks to the generosity of so many people we are well over half way to our goal of $5,000 for the rescue and care of horses. These funds will be used for the rescue and care for horses at livestock auctions throughout the month of January.

Here is a great update we got from Sweetness’ adopter: “He is very spoiled and has custom hot shoes made (to help his cracked hooves heal), bi monthly massages and treats by the bucket load. Because of his high narrow withers, I had to have a western arab saddle custom made to fit him. His english saddle was a stock saddle, but ended up costing more than the custom (it’s a Courbette Felsbach close contact) I just started his work out program (to get him back in condition) this week because of the saddle problems we had. His true personality is starting to shine through (sweet but very stubborn) and he fits right in with our family. Even my husband adores him (but frequently remarks that he has to be the most expensive rescue horse around – This comment usually comes after my husband balances the checkbook). LOL I hope your holidays have been filled with joy – because of you mine were. Thanks for continuing to do what you do.”
You sure have a wonderful family Sweetness! We are so glad we were a part of helping you find your forever home.

This morning bright and early Teresa came out to help with the feeding and then it was time to tackle the tack room. She made it look absolutely great inside. Tack rooms just automatically seem to fall apart on the inside. Thank you so much Teresa, we appreciate your help so much!

Jason and Ron got right to work fixing fences. The horses all had a revolt while Jason and Tawnee were gone, and did everything they could to sneak out from every place they could. Ron’s life basically consisted of chasing horses around and putting them away. As they were fencing they would glance up at the high speed internet shed laying on its side, and wonder how they were going to get it back up. It wasn’t long, however, and a pickup drove down the hill. To our greatest surprise it was the tractor guy, coming to see if he could get some of his firewood.

He was bringing his tractor to load the firewood, and what a gift to be able to use the tractor to put the shed back into the proper position. First it was slid into the right spot.

Then it was lifted.

And soon it was up, no worse for wear. The high speed internet is back up and working!

We had some visitors and potential adopters come out today. These two girl made some amazing scrap book pages for us. If you look closely, you can see that they printed off pictures of horses from our website, and made adorable pages for a scrapbook. Thank you so much! The girls also had a blast grooming horses, and the oldest one fell in love with Sugar.

They stayed for awhile and did a lot of mucking stalls, exercising the mini’s, and general cleanup. Thank you so much for coming out and helping to clean up after the week long rain storm.

After everything was neat, tidy and clean, we decided to move a bunch of the panels that were generously donated by All Roads Communications during the summer fire evacuations, to a mud free area. We thankfully have had a lot of rain recently, but it’s always nice to have a neat, clean mud free pen. So onto Deb’s truck the panels were loaded.

Amber made sure the panels stayed in the truck. It takes a lot of muscles to hold the panels in the truck! Great job Amber.

Soon a nice pen was built and some of the horses were turned out into it. We all enjoyed watching them
enjoy their new pen. After a long day, night was falling and it was time to say goodnight to all the horses at the rescue, the volunteers all left, and Jason and Tawnee headed in to keep working late into the night on all the office work that hasn’t gotten done lately and get the blog up.

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